I Turned Down George Michael, Biggest Mistake In My Career - Peter Lorimer - The Real Estate Entrepreneur Podcast

I Turned Down George Michael, Biggest Mistake In My Career - Peter Lorimer - The Real Estate Entrepreneur Podcast

  • Peter Lorimer
  • 02/3/22
Greetings and Welcome to the Real Estate Entrepreneur Podcast; I am your host Peter Lorimer, former hit record producer, now the host of the show Stay Here on Netflix, and Owner/Founding Partner of Corcoran Global Living.
Back in the ’90s, when I was a young, headstrong record producer, I was asked to work with George Michael by George himself and I turned it down. Regret would be too strong a word, but a colossal mistake — YES! The silver lining is I learned one of the most valuable lessons in business from that encounter. It was the first time I had to think macro instead of micro, and I failed to see the big picture and the incredible opportunity for my music career. Thinking “WE” instead of “ME” is what I could not comprehend at the age of 24, and it’s haunted me ever since. Click on the link below for a listen and remember, shortcuts lead to dead ends.

Golden Nuggets from this episode:
[01:40] "I see a lot of people getting into business and other businesses where we all have our eye on the prize"
[04:32] "because it was a B level studio, a lot of people didn't have engineers, so they used me as their engineer. I got a really good name as being someone that could really nail electronic music."
[05:09] "I remixed like David Bowie, I remixed De La Soul, Queen Latifah, I remixed, Monie Love, I remixed INXS. And I notched up a lot of hits, really young. I was probably 21 something, maybe 22."
[06:33] "down the steps comes George Michael and George Michael walked in the studio. Now, this was breathtaking because he was the biggest artist in the world."
[08:21] "the biggest mistake in my mind was I should have pulled back, which is what I advise all my agents to do now in real estate. Don't just look in the macro. What's the big picture? Don't look at the small picture."
[12:46] "There is a way for all of us to win in just about all transactions. There are some exceptions to that, but there is a way for us all to win. And that is the lesson sitting in the chairman's office of CBS records with George Michael, I didn't comprehend."
Take a listen and thanks for being here,

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