How To Be A Master Problem Solver

How To Be A Master Problem Solver

  • Peter Lorimer
  • 07/28/21

Greetings and Welcome to the Real Estate Entrepreneur Podcast; I am your host, Peter Lorimer, Partner/VP of Corcoran Global Living in Los Angeles and master motivator. Do you want to know how to keep clients 10+ years and beyond? I'll be going over all the tips and strategies I have deployed to create a loyal and loving client base. The most important takeaway is this – what would make the client pick you?

Golden Nuggets from this episode:

[02:41] "When most people meet real estate agents, they're kind of on guard, our industry certainly use to have a little bit of a feeling of used car salesman, nothing against you got used car salesman, but people didn't necessarily trust us upfront."

[05:40] "What I have done for clients without them even asking is I've arrived at showings in that neighborhood, and I have shown them houses that were sold 10 years ago, some of them would then resold, and I could then follow the arc of the pricing for that neighborhood exactly over 10 years."

[07:47] "What I have made a point off, is really sticking my neck out with clients and advising them on design choices."

[08:55] "We are real estate agents, we are financial consultants, we are design consultants, we are investment consultants, and it goes on and on and on.

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