How to Succeed Like the Top 1% in Business - Hack

How to Succeed Like the Top 1% in Business - Hack

  • Peter Lorimer
  • 02/2/21

“Want to Be in the 1% Club? The Secret Entrepreneurs Use☝️

On today’s Monday Mantra, I’m going to go over one of the most important strategies to deploy to put you well on your way in becoming a member of the 1% club. My production level and work level has gone up 100%.

Q - Do you ever find yourself grabbing for time? I need 20 minutes here, or 10 minutes there? You have your list of things at your desk ready for the day to start, and all of a sudden, phew! The day evaporates.

This strategy I’m sharing with you will absolutely transform your business, bringing you closer to your goals. But you have to follow specifically what I’m about to tell you. This is not anything new, people have been doing this strategy for a long time, and I’ve been only doing it for a month now, and the results are profound. The best part is the strategy is really simple.

My production level and work level has gone massively and yours can too.

The stuff that you want to do is your reward. For me, it’s my work out, having another latte, and watching 30 minutes of a Netflix show.

If you can get your head around it and be disciplined, this is one of the best strategies to achieving your 1% success as an entrepreneur.”


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