How To Succeed Like The Top 1% PART 2 – The Golden Hour Breakdown

How To Succeed Like The Top 1% PART 2 – The Golden Hour Breakdown

  • Peter Lorimer
  • 03/1/21

“This video is Part 2 of the Secrets of the 1% with The Golden Hour Breakdown. Shoutout to my mate @darineppich for requesting this after seeing my original video – How To Succeed Like The Top 1% Business-Hack.

What is The Golden Hour?
Time in our day that we are not using but SHOULD be using. Watch how the 2 Parameters, 5 Rules, and 4 Questions can improve your business – GUARANTEED.

Parameter #1
Insert an hour of work I normally don’t have. To do this, I get up 1 hour and 15 minutes earlier.

Parameter #2
The Golden Hour must be used on projects you normally don’t get to.

Rule #1
You must plan The Golden Hour the night before. Write it down, have bullet points, and do no more than 3.

Rule #2
Get up 1 hour and 15 minutes earlier than you normally wake up.

Rule #3
Turn off your phone. Do not have any distractions.

Rule #4
Only work on predetermined projects. This is work you do not do during your normal day. Emails don’t count. It’s designed for projects you want to do on your own but never get to.

Rule #5
Once Golden Hour ends you must do a hard stop. And then do your normal schedule. Bolt-on your Golden Hour before the rest of your day starts.

You need an accountability partner. Have them ask you these 4 questions at the end of each day.

Did I get up and not hit snooze?
Did I work on my main tasks for one hour?
Did I shut off my phone?
Did I prepare the night before?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the most phenomenal exercises and I’m happy to pass it on.

I implore you to do this for 30 days and hit me in the comments with your results.

Wishing you all the success and glory that comes along with your new 1% business hack/habit.”


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