How To Trust Your Instincts For Success - Peter Lorimer - The Real Estate Entrepreneur Podcast

  • Peter & Cindy Lorimer
  • 02/3/22
Greetings and Welcome to the Real Estate Entrepreneur Podcast; I am your host Peter Lorimer, former hit record producer, host of the show Stay Here on Netflix, and Owner/Founding Partner of Corcoran Global Living. 
Trusting my instinct is probably the smartest thing I’ve ever done and one of the most important topics of discussion in my videos. When you can trust your instincts to make that leap of faith, it’s a mighty system of checks and balances that will lead you to success. I share my approach of how educating yourself will only get you 65% of the way there. The remaining 35% is gut.
Golden Nuggets from this episode:
[02:31] "you get that gut instinct that you react upon. And it can be just as powerful as spending months, if not years, trying to figure it out."
[02:42] "Perfection is the enemy of success."
[03:11] "probably for about the past 20 years. I have never figured the entire result out of anything I've ever tried."
[07:03] "If you need to make it big decision and you can't get the answer, the power of the pause, but put a time limit on it."
[08:53] "if you're in a relationship with someone and it's several months or years down the road and you're like, well, he's going to get better, he just is. Chances are, he's not."
[10:02] "if you can learn to trust your gut on a daily basis, you will be rocketed into the fourth dimension."
Take a listen and thanks for being here,

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