Mia La Maven Charity Poker Tournament

My motto is "pass it on". Knowledge is never owned and it's our duty to pass it on to the next person.

I learned to pass it on when I was a record producer. I watched, and here's what I saw: there were always two types of people in the industry--the first type said, "don't touch a thing," and the second type said, "use whatever you want." The second type became massively successful.

I think the world is changing. My policy is to share EVERYTHING. If you're worried about people taking what you have, you're going to lose it. There's more than enough for everyone. I'm not in charge, I just get up and work REALLY hard, and try to help as many people as I can.

We can't manipulate the results. I've logged a ton of business hours, and I've learned that nothing is THAT important. Life-changing deals are never life-changing.

Another thing, wealth has barely any association with what's in the bank. Money isn't the aim, it's the by-product. When I was selling houses to celebrities, I at first was fearful of making one wrong move. I learned to speak to them as a friend. I gave it to them straight - as a friend would. The art of sales to me is NEVER to sell. I treat my clients as extended family members. Because, at the end of the day, what matters to me is the people in my life and the experiences that we have together.

I say this to my agents all the time: "You can never do anything wrong; the only thing you can do wrong is worry that you're going to do something wrong."

Live out of faith (not fear), and keep your head out of the results.

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