Do I Really Need To Disclose That??! | Mail Bag

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You ask questions, and I answer them. This week the question is, "Do I need to disclose a death in the house?" - Maryann G. Santa Barbara

This one can be a landmine. 💣

There are two explanations to this. A legal (-ish. Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer) explanation, and my own explanation.

Legally, in California, you only need to disclose a death if it happened in the property within three years of the deal.

However, my explanation is different. I go by this rule of thumb with EVERYTHING (and my clients appreciate it). If I'm thinking, "Do I need to disclose this?", the answer is one thousand percent "yes".

It's just not always clear cut. Buyers may have religious reasons for wanting to know, or they simply just get freaked out about such things. Keep yourself out of the courtroom and in trust with your clients by following these three words: Always Disclose Everything.

As always, thanks for your questions. Keep hurlin' em this way.

Thanks for being here ❤️ Pete