What is a Referral? | MailBag | Q&A

You ask questions, and I answer them. This week the question is, "What is a referral?" - Ronda B.

A referral can actually be a couple of different things:

  1. Person to person: Someone in your client base or sphere of influence refers you to someone else. You can't compensate them with money, but you can take them out to a nice dinner.

  2. Brokerage to brokerage or agent to agent: This is when an agent or brokerage refers an agent to another agent or brokerage. This typically happens when a real estate agent moves to a different city or state. Money can be exchanged in this situation.

Thanks for your questions, guys. I'm having a lot of fun answering these. Feel free to DM me on IG with your pressing real estate questions.

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