#FamilyFriday - Life & Times - Oliver Turns 7!

Last week my boy Oliver turned 7.  I’m still having a hard time grasping where the time went, seems like only 2 minutes ago I was cradling him in my arms, but it’s sure been a fantastic ride. 

Apparently, young Oliver has become quite the Jedi aficionado, so this year’s theme was… Yup, you guessed it…  Star Wars!

Everyone was quite impressed with the “special guests” (aka a Star Trooper & Darth Vader), everyone except little Charlotte that is, who had a bit of a meltdown when meeting the duo.  She recovered quickly!

Between the spread Cindy put together, the gourmet cake, Oliver dueling with the dark side and some fun in the pool, it was a perfect day.

Thanks for watching and celebrating with us Star Wars style