#FamilyFriday - Life & Times - The Maldives Part II

BRAND NEW – Life & Times - The Maldives Part II

After traveling for over 30 hours, we finally landed on a tiny speck of an island in the middle of the Indian ocean, Malé.  My voice gone, the 5 of us a bit upside down and exhausted with the time change, we were still beyond excited to have ALMOST made it to our final destination, in the Maldives.

Planes, trains, automobiles, boats AND the final piece to the puzzle… a seaplane!

I was blown away and exhilarated during a glorious 30-minute stint in the air, feeling like a modern Icarus over a turquoise jewelry box that was the Indian Ocean…   

I was then quickly shot back into reality when we were about to descend in a tin can towards a watery runway… BUT, suddenly my trepidation vanished as with one gentle and perfect kiss of the waves we touched down.

FINALLY, the last 3 minutes of a 48-hour journey even Christopher Columbus would be proud of.   I have to admit that I felt like a little kid entering his very own James Bond movie at that very moment. 

Then, the finish line!  We made it to one of the most remote places on the planet, The Four Seasons in The Maldives. 

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for Part III where the adventure continues!