MAGIC MINUTE - When Is The Best Time To Put A House On The Market?

MAGIC MINUTE is back in action for its 3rd SEASON!  We get right down to business this time around with a whole NEW bag of tips and tricks of the trade.  Tune in to watch me talk as fast as I can and pack in as many Real Estate tidbits as I can, in a (Lorimer style) minute! 

This will vary around the globe, but here in LA it’s universally agreed upon that spring going into summer is best.  Of course, it’s tough to pinpoint that zone, since it’s always seemingly summer here, but that’s the general rule of thumb.

Here’s a more specific breakdown:

No Mans Land – Unless you absolutely have to list your property I would avoid Halloween to Valentine’s Day.  If you want to squish it a bit you can list it 2 weeks before Thanksgiving or in the middle of January if need be, but try and stay away around this time.

Ideal Time – March, April & May.  People have recovered from holiday spending.  Also, it’s just positive vibes all around with the sun shining and summer around the corner. 

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