#MondayMantra - The Future Belongs To The Brave

The bravery I’m talking about today is bravery in business. 

The real estate market is going through a shift.  Interest rates are going back up.  Things are changing.  As humans, I know most of us are adverse to change… so when that happens sometimes, discomfort or fear can set in, and it begins to penetrate our belief structures.  When fear takes the wheel, we always crash!

Richard Branson is one of my heroes.  He was the master of having outrageous ideas that were an amazing combination of fun, risk and publicity stunts.

An example of his balls to the wall ways…  One Friday night after the banks close and he thinks one of the biggest deals of his life is all set to go for Monday… He gets home to find the bank manager.  Essentially, he says they will not back Virgin with the new endeavor AND that he has to pay back all the money he already borrowed so far.  Instead of letting his world shatter while facing utter annihilation of his company by Monday (like most of us would do) he started working.   He made calls to everyone he knew and scrambled to find the money.  When retelling this story, he said, "If I found the money, great and if I didn’t, I thought… What’s next?”  He obviously did find the money, and the rest is history, but that always resonated with me.

A couple other (paraphrased) quotes of note from true and fearless pioneers 

- Your success represents 1% of your work.  99% represents your failures. 

- Learn from your failures as no one can learn from success.

So what does all of this mean for us in Real Estate?  There is change happening and that usually breeds conservative behavior, which is the wrong move to make here!  This is a time for being brave and making moves. 

This leads to the connection economy and essential skills needed to succeed in it.  Remember, it’s you that matters.  When you meet someone be engaging.  Listen intently and really hear them as a story.  This leads to perception and empathy and loyalty.  This can never be replaced by finding people through portals.

We can use technology to augment what we do, but placing our business into the hands of others is not the way.  So, the future belongs to the brave.  When you are on the brink of panic just utilize the connection economy.

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion