MAGIC MINUTE - How Can I Build Confidence As A New Agent?

I genuinely believe confidence is the most important ingredient to being successful, so I recommend trying these tips and building yours.

If you are meeting a client in an area that you aren't entirely familiar with, do all the research you can on it.  Empower yourself with knowledge.  I suggest going to the vicinity early to take it all in.  Talk to the locals, go to the shops, find out where the mass transit is as well as the cinemas, restaurants, etc.!

I also like to scope out where there is a Starbucks popping up when looking around.  They are a massive company with a lot of money and resources and have done all the research of up and coming areas.   Find comparable companies as well.  I usually recommend looking in those areas for properties and sharing that with your clients as a selling point.

To wrap it up, of course, be honest, sincere and genuine.  But above all else, be confident!

Thanks for watching