#VLOG - From Brick & Mortar To "Click" & Mortar

The Big Announcement From PLG 

Last week marked a huge advancement for PLG, and I’m thrilled to be fully living and breathing what I always talk about.  “Let’s be bold, balls to the wall, and roll that dice!”   That is what I preach, and that is what I have done with this progressive step for PLG.  

The house was packed for the big day, and even Brad Inman came by afterward to give his seal of approval. 

The announcement in a nutshell –

After weeks and weeks of planning, we know in our hearts that going "From Brick and Mortar to Click and Mortar" is the first step into the future of real estate and will benefit our agents beyond measure. 

This strategy is the future, and I believe it’s how we can best serve our agents and above all else, our agent's clients. 

We have always led by example. 

We are in the trenches together. 

We must fearlessly create the footsteps and not follow them, as it’s always easier to find the path well trodden, but glory is harvested by the bold who rise to challenge conformity by smashing the status quo…

We intend to INK THE NEXT CHAPTER of the future of LA real estate by branching out to WeWorks.

Thanks for sharing in this revolutionary announcement with me and for being part of the rebellion!


Peter LorimerComment