#MondayMantra - Techniques In Efficiency

How To Squeeze Every Drop Out Of The Day

It’s all about Action & Reaction.  So much time is wasted during the day with too much reaction and not enough action.  For example, a tailor loses 15% of his fabric even though he pays for all of it.

15% translates to 6 weeks of your year as a realtor!

Here is how to make 8 hours seem like 16. 

One of the most significant problems with wastage is the “what's next."  After you finish those emails or that call, then what?  That is where the demons lie.  That means you are reacting to your day and not acting to your day.  This is where the 15% of waste comes in.

So, how do you attack your day and evaluate what to do and not lose that 15%?

The secret is that you don’t do in on the same day.  It’s called calendaring and time blocking.  Here is an example that you need to do day after day after day to be successful.

- 9AM – 10AM - Assembly your social media for the NEXT day

- 10AM – 11AM – Look at new inventory

- 11AM – 12PM – Prospecting: do personal outreach IG DM, Twitter message,  Facebook message, email, etc. 

- 12PM – 1PM – Lunch with advocates, clients, past clients or leads

- 1PM – 2PM – Prospecting: do personal outreach IG DM, Twitter message, Facebook message,  email, etc.

- 2PM – 4PM – Real Estate duties

- 4PM -5PM- Emergencies, return phone calls, plan meetings, calls, everything else.

This is an airtight succinct active way to go about your day. 

Another tip that I use is that I take UBER everywhere!  I just put back in 15% time use back into my day with not driving to my meetings and appointments.   I make calls, do prep, prospecting, etc., when I would otherwise be wasting time behind the wheel unable to work.  

Doing transaction coordinating adds 15% as well. 

If you use these guidelines, I promise you that you will up your sales and become more successful.  Now is the time!  

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion