#Vlog - Backstage Pass - Featuring Visual Artist Griffin Loop

Real Estate For Creatives 

Not Just Brick and Mortar, we are now Click And Mortar

This episode is a jam-packed day in the life of Pete Lorimer.  Firstly, I meet up with a sculpture friend who is looking to get into the market, Griffin Loop, and then head to our newly implemented PLG Playa Vista office.  On the way I get a call from Forbes and get asked to give some expertise advice about Real Estate!  

The artist Griffin Loop is one of the premiere visual artists on the west coast and we’ve been mates for a long while now.  I’m thrilled to expose you to his studio and work.  ‘Venice International Airport’ is what he calls the space.  It’s a take on his work with the airplane theme, “launch Intention”, and also an uplifting mantra of his to launch your dreams into the world.  He’s a super cool dude, newly engaged and you should probably go and try to get some of his art now, as he is on the up and up!  

Next, I head to my PLG office at WeWork in Playa Vista.  This is something I’m pretty excited to share, as I just think it makes so much sense in the shared economy of today.  Instead of “Brick and Mortar” PLG Estates is embracing “Click and Mortar” which is plays perfectly into the PLG ethos of being the most progressive real estate form in LA . 

Thanks for watching and being part of the Rebellion!