How to be a Real Estate Ninja - Mastering Your Craft - Discovery Effort Ability - Monday Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA (Originally Livestreamed) -

Become a Real Estate Ninja. Discovery, Effort, Ability

Today’s Mantra is all about becoming master of your craft. I will go over a road map of how I stay relevant in the blazing white heat of American commerce. Today, I will give you a play by play of how I discover information, study it and then apply it. Plus I will give you examples along the way.

So many times I see that my colleagues in my and other industries only play in the middle by NOT digging into the research required that's available through platforms just like this one, and so many others, to keep us all on top of our game. Knowledge is power and to galvanize that knowledge effort is required. Kobe was not born a star player, he shot 10's of thousands of hoops a month to make him the best. Practice in business is just as important as any other strategy. To fall and fail leads eventually to triumph and win.

Lastly, once we have practiced and implemented we test our plan out in the world and its only then we see what works and what does not, then the magic happens as our acumen improves and all of us who started with only an idea have the chance to hit our own hoops with no net.

To become a business ninja takes discovery, effort and ability. It NEVER happens overnight it takes a lifetime of proactivity but if we can make discovery, effort and ability three of the cornerstones of our career we exponentially increase our odds of a win.

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion.