#MondayMantra - Better To Be Loved Than Liked

I know the title may sound a bit syrupy but hear me out… The idea is that I’d much rather have 100 followers that love me, that 1 million that kind of like me.

Let’s get to the essence of this.  In real estate we are always looking to try and find anyone and everyone to convert into relationships and then of course business.

The problem is when we are so focusing on charging and looking, we tend to disregard people who are already there and already have our confidence and want to work with us. 

We spend so much bloody time looking for the ‘maybes’.   

In other words those 100 people that are already in your social media are your advocates.  They are believers.  You have to reach out to and nurture them.  Forget about the ‘maybes’ and chasing strangers, because they are just that, people who don’t care about you.

A couple of other thoughts to go by based on theories I heard and love -

If you have an idea and only a few people love that idea, in industry, you are probably onto something (think Steve Jobs)…  Follow that idea and build a strategy.

Building on that, Seth Godin and “The Dip” come to mind.  When you are in the middle of a strategy there is always a moment (could be a long one) where you think this is never going to work and you think about bailing.  When you get there and second-guess yourself with a strategy you believe in (that a lot of other people don’t)… Stick it out! Trust me. 

Listen to your gut and initial instincts.  When you listen just to the old noggin that is where you get into trouble.

Last phrase I heard recently that ties it all together - If you don’t cultivate instinct and listen to it, you’re doomed to living a mediocre life in the middle! 

Focus on the 100 that love you, follow and strategize on your unique idea and listen to your gut!