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#MondayMantra – Instagram Clinic – Hacks To Help You Follow The Numbers

This is a juicy and jam-packed clinic, so I’m going to break it down the best I can, though you may need to watch again to get all the steps of the demo.

If you want to do a deep dive on IG this is the clinic for you.   

Instagram is certainly the bell of the ball and most popular format out there right now.  It’s gone from a simple social media app and has shifted into a sophisticated way to make contact with your clients.  The key is to track your data in terms of what is doing well and what isn’t by the numbers.  

In order to do this, you can do it through IG, which I will get into shortly, or I recommend these 3 apps in order of preference:

Iconosquare – best IG tracking app out there, it includes IG stories 

Sprout Social – a killer app for tracking data as well

Hootsuite – another great one

If you just want to go through what IG has to offer, this is another great way of tracking data as well.

For prospecting, I suggest that you “Save into collections” within IG the people you want to prospect so you can find them easily and follow them closely.

On IG you can track your numbers through “Insights” and then hit the “Content” button.  This shows you which of the posts are getting the most reactions, what’s working and what’s not.  

Then, if you want to get really granular, you click on “Impressions,” which gives you the option to look at your content in regards to likes, which is super valuable information.  

If you want to dive in even further you can click on “Engagement” which shows the posts you’re getting the most engagement from, which is key.   

That’s a very rough and ready showcase of all the valuable information you can pull from IG.  

The point of this clinic is that you need to be prospecting through social media, using collections and following your numbers.  Get into the guts of IG, and you will flourish.

Social media is your work, it’s not something you just get to.  This is prospecting, only the modern version of it.  

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#tbt Production Technique

If you make a film and put it out there on social what makes all the difference in people deciding to watch or not is the production technique.

It comes down to taking the bloody footage out of your phone and sprucing it up a bit in iMovie.  The more you polish the film the more clicks you’re going to get.  Most people check out after 3 seconds, but if you put some production into your clips people will hang on and watch. 

It’s exhausting, but I’d much rather do this than knock on 100 doors or make 100 cold calls.

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If you haven’t heard yet, I just had my new show ‘STAY HERE’ premiere on NETFLIX, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about it!    

On this stop during my travels for the show, I was lucky enough to meet some super interesting mates in Hudson, NY.  One of my favorite such characters was a fellow called Deforrest.  I seemed to run into him and his pipe everywhere I went!  

Be sure to check out ‘Stay Here’ on Netflix out now!

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On another adventure, while filming for my new show on NETFLIX, ‘STAY HERE,’ I got to ogle at the famed Hudson River and take in the spectacular view of the water.

It turns out that the mountain range behind me (the name of which escapes me) has a hidden recording studio on it, called The Lair, which belonged to one of my favorite musicians, Mr. David Bowie.  May he rest in peace. 

With that view, he certainly had it right with his choice of locations to hide out in and create.

Stay tuned for more bits of my travels and tune into Netflix to watch ‘Stay Here’ now!

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INMAN Podcast Series 'KEEPING IT REAL': How This Luxe Broker Got A Show On Netflix

Keeping it real: How this luxe broker got a show on Netflix

Peter Lorimer snagged his dream gig by being relentlessly authentic

By Peter Lorimer


On this edition of “Keeping it real,” a recurring series on Inman, Peter Lorimer shares how he got his new Netflix show, Stay Here.

Listen to the fascinating story unfold in the full podcast and tune in to watch Lorimer travel the U.S., with cohost Genevieve Gorder, giving expert advice to turn failing Airbnb rentals into gold, in Stay Here, on Netflix now.

“This opportunity fell out of the sky … (sorta), but really it happened because I’ve been pounding and pounding and pounding on the same path, in an unstoppable manner, for over two years now. I was unshakable in my belief that the direction I was headed in was the right one. And it was a gamble that has paid off,” Lorimer said.

He responded to an email casting call, which is out of character for him, and after an audition, meeting with producers and a “chemistry test,” he was almost in.

“I still went in there balls to the wall, living by one of my mantras, ‘I’m never afraid to make the wrong move — I’d rather make all the wrong moves than never make any,'” he said.

That unique and genuine approach that proves key in all his real estate business ventures also proved to be key in this one, helping seal the deal and landing him the dream gig.

Peter Lorimer is the CEO of Beverly Hills, California-based PLG Estates.

Article In DECIDER: When Will ‘Stay Here’ Season 2 Come Out?

By Brett White

Netflix has been absolutely crushing it when it comes to reality programs in 2018. First Queer Eye changed our lives, then Nailed It! rocked our worlds, then came Sugar Rush and Amazing Interiors and now here we are, ready for more episodes of Stay Here. The streaming service’s first foray into the home renovation genre, Stay Here puts a twist on all that stuff you see on HGTV by focusing on short-term rental properties. The goal isn’t just to take a space from “meh” to “yeah!,” it’s to help the property managers increase their profits by making their spaces more desirable to those looking for a getaway.

Stay Here dropped all eight episodes of Season 1 on August 17, letting us get reacquainted with Trading Spaces alum Genevieve Gorder and introducing us to British real estate pro with an eye for profits Peter Lorimer. Along the way, we saw a houseboat turn into a wow-boat, met our new BFF Gordy, watched a retired couple learn about blogging, got swept away by a literal carriage house prince, and traveled back in time to the grooviest ’70s pad in Palm Springs. But now that we’ve all binged all eight episodes of Stay Here, we gotta wonder…

Will there be a Stay Here Season 2?

Netflix has not yet announced whether or not more Airbnbs will get a little TLC from GG and PL. There’s also not much to go on from the hosts themselves. Just like all of us, they’re holding out hope that response to Season 1 is strong enough to merit more.

Peter Lorimer@PeterLorimer

We all have our fingers and toes crossed but hopefully we will begin another season soon. Thanks for watching this one

Another thing, Genevieve Gorder is a busy busy interior designer! We know that before they shoot more Stay Here, she’s going to be headed to North Carolina to shoot Season 2 of the Trading Spaces revival for TLC in September. She’s also got her fingers crossed for more Stay Here, as she’s said on Instagram.

Here’s where, I dunno, maybe I get in way too deep. I initially suspected that Netflix may have already shot Season 2, similar to how they shot 16 episodes each of Queer Eye and Nailed It!and broke them up into two “seasons.” That’s why those shows were able to drop two seasons in a four month span. But after scrolling way back through Genevieve’s Instagram, you can clearly see when they shot every episode of Stay Here–and more interesting, which order they shot them in!

  • 11/27/17 – DC Firehouse (episode 8)

  • 12/5/17 – Brooklyn Brownstone (episode 4)

  • 12/11/17 – Hudson River Carriage House (episode 6)

  • 1/2/18 – Malibu Beach House (episode 2)

  • 1/8/18 – Paso Robles Wine Country Cottage (episode 5)

  • 1/17/18 – Palm Springs Time Machine (episode 7)

  • 1/23/18 – Seattle Houseboat (episode 1)

  • 1/28/18 – Austin Pool Pad (episode 3)

After that, Gorder’s Insta documents vacations, jobs, and the Trading Spaces press tour. If they shot 16 episodes, I don’t know why she wouldn’t also document the second 8. I also don’t know when she would have shot them, either! That’s why I think that, despite my initial hunch, they actually only shot 8 episodes.

When will Stay Here Season 2 come out?

Considering that Genevieve has another round of Trading Spaces to do, it’s likely that the potential Stay Here Season 2 won’t start shooting until maybe November–if it comes back! Maybe we can expect to see more next August? Or maybe Netflix will try to fast track it somehow, if demand is great? Bottom line is, if you want Stay Here to stay around, you gotta watch Stay Here!


'BEHIND THE TV SHOW' Hudson, N.Y. Part I.

My new show on NETFLIX, ‘STAY HERE,' just premiered! With the excitement oozing out of me, I thought it would be a fantastic time to share some more of the footage (I shot) in the various places I was lucky enough to visit while filming.

Hudson NY was a place I had never been, and it was quite an experience.  I was able to take it the picturesque views of the Hudson River and enjoy the well-preserved architecture in the midst of the crisp Upstate NY weather. 

It was one of many highlights on the journey that was filming a TV show that I won't soon forget! 

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'BEHIND THE TV SHOW' Washington, D.C. Part III.

On this clip from my travels on the road, filming ‘STAY HERE’ on NETFLIX, I am the ultimate tourist and have my childhood dreams become a reality while visiting The Capitol Building. 

It was such an extraordinary piece of architecture and history, it just doesn’t get much better than that!

Thanks for watching and tune into to watch ‘Stay Here’ available now on Netflix!




Article in ARRIVAL: New Netflix Series, “Stay Here,” is a Short-Term Rental Makeover Show

By Russ Klettke


In the growing world of home sharing – in the richness of its many shapes, sizes, styles and locations – it only makes sense that we’d get a home-makeover reality TV show.

The show, “Stay Here,” arrived on August 17 on Netflix, where eight episodes take property owners from dismal to dramatic. The series promises to look at short-term vacation rentals in terms of “travel, design, experience and profit” and largely achieves the first three. The property makeovers in each case are significant – according to the show’s host, renovation costs in several episodes exceed $100,000 – but cost details are not included in the show.

Locations make the place

“Stay Here” is still worth a good binge and could easily become a multi-season hit. The hosts come from important corners of expertise: Genevieve Gorder, the interior designer on the team, formerly hosted the TLC network’s “Trading Spaces.” Her sidekick is Peter Lorimer, owner of a successful Beverly Hills, California real estate brokerage. Together they understand aesthetics, value and higher-end clientele.

The featured locations in the show make a fine American traveling bucket list: Seattle, Malibu, Austin, Brooklyn, Paso Robles (California), Hudson (upstate New York State), Palm Springs and Washington D.C. The types of homes range from a houseboat, a fire station and a ranch to a Mid-Century Modern, a brownstone and more.

Importantly, what “Stay Here” does is venture outside the structures to the broader locations, exploring the surroundings and attractions that define the area. In Seattle, that includes visiting the nearby Pike Place Market, shopping for definitively regional foods that provide a “goodies” welcome basket for guests. Lorimar advises hosts to spend 10 percent of a first night’s rental fee on these packages as a bigger point is made: As a host, you’re selling an experience that’s associated with the location, and those things should be part of your marketing messages.

Marketing and design work together

Lorimer adds that hosts need to think more like business people. To underscore that, he provides a primer on listing language that captures the imagination and web traffic. “I recommend SEO, search engine optimization,” he says, advising the Seattle hosts to use “romantic Seattle houseboat rental” in a pay-per-click program. Gorder reinforces that by saying, “own a niche.”

The aesthetics of the accommodations matter most in this show, and Gorder doesn’t disappoint. The properties all start out looking sad, and every owner has stories of failure in their short-term rental market. The show walks through the cringe-worthy “before” environs as show hosts discuss what’s wrong while offering general ideas for changing it. Next, the property owners are ushered offsite.

Owners appear to place their trust in the show while complete transformations take place; Living rooms become master suites, kitchens are simultaneously downsized and taken up-market, entry doors become showstoppers and views (where they exist) are maximized.

Who pays for all of this? “In every project, it was a joint effort,” Lorimer told us. “Suffice it to say the hosts commit a considerable amount of money to the renovations.” He says the starting point is what the owners want to earn with their properties; they study comparably-priced properties, determine what it would take to compete and develop a budget from there.

Happy endings

As with all home makeover shows, the reveal “after” moment is fun and emotional. This is a show that allows the imagination – and strategic home-rental business thinking – to test the possibilities.

Lorimer’s website enables us to see at least what happened after the Seattle makeover (which was filmed before April 2018). The owners’ goal was to generate revenues of $4,000 per month, charging $250 per night with a 16-nights-per-month occupancy rate. Their Airbnb calendarshows 24 nights booked in September and 25 nights in October at a price of $300 per night, as well as 39 five-star reviews. That suggests profitability, far beyond expectations, even if we aren’t sure what it cost to get there.

Overall, the show is a fun way to see what experts in the space would recommend when it comes to vacation rentals. More than anything though, the show shines a positive light on the vacation rental industry that is not often shown to the general public.

INMAN Podcast Series 'KEEPING IT REAL'- The Power Of The Pause

Keeping it real: The power of the pause

A key technique to thrive in both life and business


On this edition of “Keeping it real,” a recurring series on Inman, Peter Lorimer explains the power of just taking a beat before you react.

This is a mantra super close to Lorimer’s heart, as he’s implemented in his daily life for over two decades now. That’s how effective it is. We all experience instances where we are questioning ourselves in terms of what we are doing, where we are going in life and what’s happening with the people around us.

We all get in situations where we become overemotional and our judgment gets a bit clouded. For example: Is my client working with another real estate agent? Or, the person I’m working with on this deal just really pissed me off.

The way to handle any of these situations is simple — just pause. The power of the pause will save you from making big mistakes, possibly ruining relationships and veering off your path.

“We run the risk of eroding relationships if we react too quickly. It’s saying we either don’t trust the person we are dealing with, or we don’t trust ourselves. Both are detrimental to business,” Lorimer said.

Lorimer explains that in the middle of any strategy or implementation of a plan human instincts kick in where we second-guess ourselves, and that is a dangerous place to be when making decisions in business.

With that said, Lorimer instituted “the power of the pause” some years back to handle said situations and help real estate agents to not “react” but to “act” instead.

“We all get in situations where we become overemotional when we get pissed off, and our judgment gets a bit clouded … and the way to handle these instances is to simply pause. Literally.”

Other corresponding rules:

  • If it’s a good idea now, it’s still going to feel like a good idea the next morning.
  • Sometimes things are time-sensitive, and we don’t have a whole day to sit on it, but we can always take some time. Take an hour to calm down, and then reassess.

Listen to the full podcast to better grasp this tactic Lorimer utilizes, which has helped build his thriving real estate business.

The power of the pause is a life tactic you should adopt. You’ll be stunned at how much second-guessing it will settle within yourself and just how many negative situations it will help you avoid getting yourself into.

Peter Lorimer is the CEO of Beverly Hills, California-based PLG Estates.

Article in CACTUS HUGS: Palm Springs Time Machine | Info on the Netflix ‘Stay Here’ home

The Netflix show Stay Here has designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer help property owners transform their short-term rental properties in places like Seattle, Brooklyn, Austin, and even the Coachella Valley. Episode 7 of the series, entitled “Palm Springs Time Machine,” has Gorder and Lorimer tackle a desert home that seems stuck in 1970. Here are details on the show, the home, and other places the episode was filmed.

Stay Here – Palm Springs Time Machine Episode Recap

The Palm Springs home before its transformation

The home is very, very, very 1970s – with much of it not being changed in over 40 years.
Homeowners Ryan and Jess (the episode gives no last names) grabbed the house for $800,000.  Ryan and Jess love that the house is a throwback and they want to keep it that way, but would also like to add a few new touches, fix up the terrible kitchen, and transform the front yard area.

The new kitchen from the Netflix Stay Here episode filmed in Palm Springs

The owners are first reluctant to rent out their home, for fear that Axl Rose is going to trash it, but they are reassured over steaks that everything is going to be fine and $1,000 a night seems like a good price – especially since booking just five nights will pay their monthly expense and then some.

The transformed front yard from Stay Here’s Palm Springs episode

During the course of the “Palm Springs Time Machine” episode, Gorder and Lorimer are able to fix up the home by putting in a whole new kitchen, planting oh so many ficus trees, and adding new technology like state-of-the-art WiFi and noise monitors.

Where They Went in Palm Springs

The Netflix Stay Here episode sees Gorder, Lordimer, and owners Ryan and Jess make a few stops around Palm Springs.  Here’s where they went:

LULU California Bistro

The episode begins with Gorder and Lordimer dining on the patio of LULU California Bistro in downtown Palm Springs.

LULU California Bistro, 200 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, (760) 327-5858

Grace Home

The Stay Here hosts and owners head to grace home in the uptown design district of Palm Springs to shop for modern furniture and decor.  They also spend a good amount of time appreciating an old-school photo of a Palm Springs pool party at the store that doesn’t believe in putting capital letters on their sign.

Grace Home Furnishings, 1001 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, (760) 904-6337

Mr. Lyons

Mr. Lyons Streakhouse in Palm Springs

A table for five is set at the steakhouse for Gorder, Lordimer, Ryan, Jess, and Mike (no last name given) who represents Acme House Company, a Palm Springs vacation home rental company – who is stoked about how preserved the home is.  He reassures the homeowners that there probably won’t be any problems renting their place out as people who rent it watch a video and a concierge meets them when they check in to make sure they are who they say they are.  Mike also says that the company has had just two issues with rentals but nothing at “armageddon” level.

Mr. Lyons Steakhouse, 233 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, (760) 327-1551

Where is this house?

The home is in the Twin Palms Neighborhood of Palm Springs and is located at 2055 South Joshua Tree Place.

How Do I Rent the Home?

Ahh yes, the whole reason you came to this post – because you want to party like it’s 1969.  Well, here’s the deal:

We looked all over the website for Acme House Company and though there were a lot of other homes in the area are featured in the listings, the “Palm Springs Time Machine” was not one of them.

So Cactus Hugs reached out to Acme and were told that the house is awaiting approval for a permit from the city of Palm Springs to be a short-term vacation rental.  Acme said that once approved, the home will be included in their listings.  But wait, after our phone call to Acme, we found this…

Update: Looks like the place has its own website and its showing as allowing rentals now.  A three-night minimum is required. Rates for the place are $1,000 nightly, $7,000 weekly, and, you guessed it, $30,000 monthly. There is also a $250 cleaning charge.

'BEHIND THE TV SHOW' Washington, D.C. Part II.

My new show on NETFLIX, ‘STAY HERE,' just recently premiered and I still couldn't be more excited!  While roaming around the country filming for the show, I got to explore on my own and took some footage.  

One thing I noticed about Washington is it's flush with parks, and it definitely reminded me of London.  The buildings and climate in winter are similar I felt like I could have been strolling past Buckingham Palace.  The only difference is they drive on the right side of the road!

Join me in Washington on my new show ‘Stay Here' available on Netflix now!

Thanks for watching




#MondayMantra- Nothing To Lose

Today I want to cover a lot of ground, and so I've purposely given this mantra a broad title.  So what exactly does it mean?  

I’ve suffered over the years with underestimating my ability.  Perhaps it’s my British roots, as we tend to be a bit hard on ourselves, but I think a lot of people struggle with this.  If you have some entrepreneurial spirit at some point, you most likely have had the feelings of "I'm never going to succeed at that," or “everyone will think it’s stupid” or “I’ll never be as good as someone else."  I feel like 90% of entrepreneurial dreams we talk ourselves out of in the first 10 minutes of starting the line of thinking. 

The entrepreneurs that succeed have a relentlessness, they know it won't happen overnight, and they don’t listen to the inner voice that tells them they will fail.

So “nothing to lose” is this- We’ve already gained something huge simply by living in the U.S.  Think of the worst that can happen with following your dreams… and the worst isn’t that bad.  I welcome failing fast so I can start to concentrate on another route.  We forget we have nothing to lose and everything to gain and we “play in the middle."  But the funny thing about that is, I don’t really believe “the middle” exists. 

You are either moving towards your goal or away from it and the choice is ours.

So, I’m always moving in the direction towards the goal.  And here are a few nuggets of truth that I have found along the way- The educated risk for success in business- When I come to a decision of a goal I want to reach, I only get 65% of the way there, and the rest is based on faith.   AND every decision I make I still have those voices in the back of my head, and I battle through them. 

Here's a spot on quote from Martin Scorsese that I just love- "unless you have a white hot burning desire to become a director, it's not going to happen."  Make sure you have the passion for something and go full steam ahead at it.

With all of that said, the take away is this: The only commodity of value we have in life is time.  Why not take the risk then; because that is the only thing you really have to lose. 

Your life and your business are in your own hands and don't let anyone tell you anything different, especially not that nagging and negative inner voice.   

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion


'BEHIND THE TV SHOW' Washington, D.C. Part I.

Here is a clip from my journey throughout Washington while filming for my new show on NETFLIX, ‘STAY HERE,' that just premiered!

I’d never been to DC and as you can see I was beyond tickled to start crossing things off my bucket list.  I have to say that this stop was particularly meaningful to me being a boy from London and having had the images of Washington burned into my mind from such a young age.  

First stop was The Washington Monument.  Let’s just say that it did not disappoint. 

Tune in to Netflix to see me in my new show ‘Stay Here.’

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I loved this entire day of sightseeing on my downtime from filming ‘STAY HERE’ on NETFLIX!

It’s not completely clear, but if you look really closely you can see The Statue of Liberty in all of her glory.  Again, the snow proved to be quite poetic.  Everyone has a pic of her in the sun, but not many in the snow. 

It was a glorious sight to see after living in the US for almost 25 years.  

Watching me in ‘Stay Here’ on Netflix now!

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This clip from my adventures of filming ‘STAY HERE’ for NETFLIX marks my short but eventful journey from Brooklyn to Manhattan.  I picked a freezing day to do it, but that made it all the more fun.   There was something freeing about being on a ferry in the dead of winter in the snow!

Along the way, I also got to chat with the most-friendly New Yorker.  I have to say though, that I still have yet to meet an unfriendly one! 

Watch me in ‘Stay Here’ on Netflix now. 

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'BEHIND THE TV SHOW' - New York Part II.

This was one of my favorite stops along the way while filming ‘STAY HERE’ for NETFLIX.   The snow was coming down as I walked up to that super famous spot with the Brooklyn Bridge perfectly framed behind me.  

There was something exceptionally special about being in that exact place I had seen in the movies so many times before with the snow poetically falling.  The view was better than I had envisioned.

Watch me in ‘Stay Here’ on Netflix now!

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#MondayMantra - Success – The Ability To Move From Failure to Failure With No Loss Of Enthusiasm

It’s a very big morning and important Monday.  This one is particularly special for me.  Firstly, I wanted to send my love to all of you for supporting my new show ‘Stay Here’ on Netflix.   It’s because of you that it’s getting such positive reviews.  So, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for the massive outpouring of support.

Also, I want to thank all of my loyal followers of the Monday Mantra who have been part of the rebellion for some time now.  I know who you are and so, I wanted to express my thanks to you today as well.  I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without all of your support.

Now onto the Mantra!

Failure is actually my friend.  That’s not a hashtag, I promise.  What it is though, is a way to reset the compass.  Success is not final, and failure is not fatal. 

Onto a few anecdotes to explain these profound Winston Churchill quotes that I have adopted as mantras

I auditioned to be in a band years back, and I didn't make it.  I found it so crushing I questioned doing something else.  After that, I got into the production side of things in music, thought I had a knack for it, and then I got fired from that job! I went home with my tail between my legs where I then sunk into a black hole of despair.  After a while, I dug myself out of it and then dug in.

I got to the point with myself where I knew if I was going to fail it was going to be on my terms.  So, I kept going and got into a B grade studio at the perfect time where my skills were needed, and it changed everything.   As most of you know, I went on to produce a bunch of hit records.   I did learn a lot from all my experiences that led me there.  Here are some key ones.

Bullet Points on how to handle Failure

1- Don’t make it personal even if it is. Just think of it as the universe gave it to someone else because they needed it more.

2- Learn and adapt.  If I fail at something I always ask the question “can you tell me why you chose someone else and you didn’t choose me.” This way I can grow from it.

3- Don’t obsess over the few people you can’t seem to get business from and focus on the people whose business you have.

4- Thoughts become things.  If you think you’re going to fail all the time, you will fail.

5- Don't look for approval.  The only opinion you should care about is your own.  When you play in the middle and safe, you are betraying the future you.   Instead, just go for it. 

6- When you think someone has made the wrong decision or has it out for you, look at the situation from their point of view.

7- If you have a bad experience with a client think of what your part in it all was. 

8- How can I better be of service?  Always ask yourself that.

Failure can come really quick, but success takes a long time.  And remember, fear and failure are bullies.  If we don’t listen to them and the debating society in our heads, they will never win!

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion


‘BEHIND THE TV SHOW’ - New York Part I 

On this magical leg of my journey, while filming ‘STAY HERE’ for NETFLIX, which just premiered, I got to visit Brooklyn, NY.  And while there I managed to make it to the LORIMER subway stop in Greenpoint.  

I have yet to meet another Lorimer, and so I’m pretty sure I must be related to whomever the street was named after.  It was a glorious experience seeing my name on display for the first time!

You can see my name in bold again in ‘Stay Here’ on NETFLIX now!  

Thanks for watching and for being part of the rebellion




The day is FINALLY HERE and the wait over! Today is the official premiere of my new show ‘STAY HERE’ on NETFLIX.  “To succeed in the world of short-term rental you have to offer more than just a place to sleep”… and that’s where I come in!  

Watch cohost Genevieve Gorder and myself help people learn to wow their AirBnb guests and give them a completely unique experience in some of the coolest cities around the U.S.!  

I couldn’t be more excited about this new trailer.  It’s filled with some great tidbits from the season.  Be sure to tune in tonight to catch the full episodes!  

Thanks for watching!