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‘BEHIND THE TV SHOW’ - New York Part I 

On this magical leg of my journey, while filming ‘STAY HERE’ for NETFLIX, which just premiered, I got to visit Brooklyn, NY.  And while there I managed to make it to the LORIMER subway stop in Greenpoint.  

I have yet to meet another Lorimer, and so I’m pretty sure I must be related to whomever the street was named after.  It was a glorious experience seeing my name on display for the first time!

You can see my name in bold again in ‘Stay Here’ on NETFLIX now!  

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The day is FINALLY HERE and the wait over! Today is the official premiere of my new show ‘STAY HERE’ on NETFLIX.  “To succeed in the world of short-term rental you have to offer more than just a place to sleep”… and that’s where I come in!  

Watch cohost Genevieve Gorder and myself help people learn to wow their AirBnb guests and give them a completely unique experience in some of the coolest cities around the U.S.!  

I couldn’t be more excited about this new trailer.  It’s filled with some great tidbits from the season.  Be sure to tune in tonight to catch the full episodes!  

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The time has finally come where I can open my big British mouth and shout from the rooftops that my show ‘STAY HERE’ will be premiering on NETFLIX August 17th! 

Tune in to watch me travel the U.S., with cohost Genevieve Gorder, giving expert advice to turn failing AirBnb rentals into gold! 

I truly couldn’t be more proud of the show and everyone who was a part of it!  Enjoy the trailer and I’ll be coming to a telly near you, very soon.  Let the countdown begin!

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MAGIC MINUTE – What’s Included In Closing Costs?

What are these ever-ambiguous closing costs and what do they encompass?

Here is a brief and straightforward example of closing costs in Los Angeles.

- If you are getting a loan for a property, they will charge you a percentage to borrow that money.  So, whatever you owe is part of the closing costs.   

- Inspections that you have to do for the house.  Depending on which you choose to do, etc.   These costs factor into the total. 

- Escrow costs- As a buyer, you would pay your half, and as a seller, you would do the same.  A really rough estimate can be anywhere from 1.5%-3.5% of the potential purchase price.  

Combine all of the above, and that is what makes up your closing costs.  

Hope that was helpful and check back in for more Magic Minutes headed your way!

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#tbt - Be Triumphant

This video marks a day that I look back on in triumph.  An adventurous agent here at PLG, Nancy Waters, convinced me to attend Trapeze School at the Santa Monica Pier.  

Let’s just say the lunatic activity of leaping off the rafters forced me out of my comfort zone.

Somehow, after more than a few fails, I managed to pull it off by the skin of my teeth on my last try.

And yes, “Even old men can do it.”   The point… If I could pull this off you really can accomplish anything you put your mind to.  Be triumphant today. 

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#MondayMantra – Controlling The Outcome – Do You Think You Can Design The Result?

This is a bit of an elusive title, so I’m going to jump right in and shed some light on what I’m referring to. 

Controlling the outcome of anything is something that is desirable to us all of course, but that way of thinking can be destructive…

It took me a long time, but I adopted a philosophy, with the help of lots of people, that has served me well.  And it goes all the way back to something my father said to me as a boy, “if you can find a job that you like, you are going to be happier than 98% of the population.”  LA specifically is a city that is made up of fake things and fakers, and I find all of that stuff really damaging.

People get into careers, and the pressure to succeed in those careers makes them miserable.  I see it all the time when selling houses that these pressures make them trapped to their lifestyle, and then they fall into the trap of expectations.

Don’t confuse goals with pressure though.  Goals are a great thing when they are realistic.  Expectations are toxic.  If we are rooted in the results, and we don't get what we expected it weighs us down and eats away at us.

So, the short of it is - none of us can control the outcome, so the trick is to “be happy with the outcome no matter what happens.”  We aren’t in control of what happens, we are only in control of our actions.  For instance, I try and treat everybody identically.  I’m not looking for what I can extract from a relationship, instead, I’m looking for what I can give.  Then, whatever the result is I can live with it… and that my friends is freedom. 

“We have knowns and unknowns.  And the only thing we can control are the knowns.”  Everyone I meet will get professional and personal service, no matter what.  That is a known because I can control it. 

I want to finish with this… The moment you feel you are working just for money is the moment it’s over.  I’m never going to be chained in expectations and results.  If those are fueling my decisions, those are not the right ones.  I can assure you that.

I have one daily commitment, and that is, I must work hard every day and give it everything I've got, and then I stay out of the results.

The way you take control is relinquishing control.  

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#FamilyFriday - Life & Times - Oliver Turns 7!

Last week my boy Oliver turned 7.  I’m still having a hard time grasping where the time went, seems like only 2 minutes ago I was cradling him in my arms, but it’s sure been a fantastic ride. 

Apparently, young Oliver has become quite the Jedi aficionado, so this year’s theme was… Yup, you guessed it…  Star Wars!

Everyone was quite impressed with the “special guests” (aka a Star Trooper & Darth Vader), everyone except little Charlotte that is, who had a bit of a meltdown when meeting the duo.  She recovered quickly!

Between the spread Cindy put together, the gourmet cake, Oliver dueling with the dark side and some fun in the pool, it was a perfect day.

Thanks for watching and celebrating with us Star Wars style


#tbt - Run To Your Tribe

Here's another instance where I talk about my how I'm a firm believer in running to your tribe.  Do what YOU want to do, and in YOUR own way.  You will find other people that are outside the box as well.

PLG started in a nail salon after all.  This is a great reminder to go for it head against the grain.

I knew when the iPhone came out that it was the future of everything...  And now that future is here.  As always, I'm telling you the importance of that technology and to grab hold of it.

I also give a shout out to a DJ pioneer from Chicago, Steve "Silk" Hurley," who topped the charts in the UK and around the world with his unique sound.

He found his tribe and took a leap just like I did.

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#MondayMantra – Inman SF Round Up – Post Conference Debrief Of Best Of Best

#MondayMantra – Inman SF Round Up – Post Conference Debrief Of Best Of Best

I just returned from my 4th year at the Inman Conference in San Francisco and I have to say that this one had a very different feel from the others…  There used to be a vibe that tech is the enemy and an underlying fear that it is going to replaces us.  THIS TIME, it seemed like even those most resistant to change have come around and finally understand that tech has to be part of our industry AND that ultimately it can be a great thing. 

I’m going to give you a grand overview with listing and tech tips, as well as the pulse of where everyone is currently at, in the real estate industry.

The debate between tech-based and traditional real estate was a central focal point for many of the speakers.  For instance, there was a stark contrast in the very exclusionary speech Gary Keller (of Keller Williams) gave in comparison to the very inclusionary one the CEO of Redfin gave.    

It seems though, that most everyone who spoke and had a strong opinion said something along the lines of, “It’s all in the value ad.” 

It’s about the referral, and there is a movement to individualize.  There will still be an awful lot of vanilla out there, as it’s the nature of the business, but there was definitely the presence of a shift. 

“It’s all about attraction, not promotion.”  I think that is key.  It’s not about stats, it’s about you and who you are that will make people want to work with you.

Here are some killer Highlights and Tips that I took away from the conference:


- A big struggle we all face as realtors is to continually get our clients to keep the house clean for open houses… An absolutely brilliant way to avoid this problem? Provide a complimentary cleaning service the day before an open house!

- Young family, 3 kids, house needs a lot of work?  Provide complimentary childcare service for the day to get ready.  Also brilliant. 

- More standard tips - go out to dinner after an open house or provide a day at the spa, etc. 


- Captioned videos get opened 80% more than videos without them.  They are a pain to do (I know) unless you send your finished footage to REV.COM.  It’s a fantastic service that transcribes captions to your videos for you.

- BELIEVE.TV - $20.00 a month and you will have the ability to get much more produced and polished videos for Facebook. 

- BUZZSUMO.COM – Allows you to compare and contrast how your social media posts are doing against other peoples posts.

- PLAYBUZZ.COM – Allows you to create really interesting graphics, animations and informational videos that look really clean and professional.

- HOTJAR.COM – Allows you to have a heat map on your website.  Meaning, it shows you where people are clicking and hanging out on your website.  This is dynamite information.

- STOREO.COM - An app that allows you to film vertically and will automatically chop your video into 15-second videos for your stories on IG.

- FACEBOOK BOTS- CHATFUEL, MANYCHATS.  Look these up!  A lot of talk about these and the importance of bots in general. 

The Big Take Away:

Something I’ve been saying for a while now - What people want more than anything is what?  YOU.  So don't hide behind a bunch of tech, but rather use it to showcase YOU.

I think tech has reached a point where there is so much of it, it can almost make us invisible… and we must be held accountable to our clients at all times, so we have to fight against that risk of being invisible... 

People like to see your face and hear your voice, so do just that with your social media and the amazing tech available to us right now.  If you do that you will stand out of the sea of vanilla and increase your business.

Tech is here to stay in our industry, and the platforms are not going away, so embrace it!

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#FamilyFriday - Life & Times - The Maldives Part II

BRAND NEW – Life & Times - The Maldives Part II

After traveling for over 30 hours, we finally landed on a tiny speck of an island in the middle of the Indian ocean, Malé.  My voice gone, the 5 of us a bit upside down and exhausted with the time change, we were still beyond excited to have ALMOST made it to our final destination, in the Maldives.

Planes, trains, automobiles, boats AND the final piece to the puzzle… a seaplane!

I was blown away and exhilarated during a glorious 30-minute stint in the air, feeling like a modern Icarus over a turquoise jewelry box that was the Indian Ocean…   

I was then quickly shot back into reality when we were about to descend in a tin can towards a watery runway… BUT, suddenly my trepidation vanished as with one gentle and perfect kiss of the waves we touched down.

FINALLY, the last 3 minutes of a 48-hour journey even Christopher Columbus would be proud of.   I have to admit that I felt like a little kid entering his very own James Bond movie at that very moment. 

Then, the finish line!  We made it to one of the most remote places on the planet, The Four Seasons in The Maldives. 

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for Part III where the adventure continues!


#FamilyFriday – Life & Times SPECIAL - The Great Lorimer Vacation – The Maldives Part I

#FamilyFriday – Life & Times SPECIAL - The Great Lorimer Vacation – The Maldives Part I

3 small kids, a 40-hour journey and the best Dim Sum in Hong Kong! 

On this first part of our epic family vacation, we are in transit on our way to The Maldives.  It’s quite the trek, but I can assure you, it’s totally worth it.  We were lucky to have an incredible tour guide on our stop in Hong Kong, where we saw one of the most famous skylines on the planet in Kowloon on the Hong Kong Harbor. 

This trip to Hong Kong was very unlike my previous visits there, in my DJing days.  A nice change of pace from pumping bass, screaming, getting on planes and crashing in hotels.  I quite enjoyed being a tourist with my family this time around!

And finally, our last stop was at The Four Seasons for truly the most sensational Dim Sum I’ve ever had. 

Stay tuned for Part II when we land at our final destination, The Maldives.  Nothing better than a good cliffhanger. 

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#tbt Gary Vee Take Two

This was a real highlight for me when I got to ask my idol Gary Vee a burning question I’ve had for a while...

“Can you ever put out too much content?” Let’s just say I got the answer I was hoping for. 

He really is an extraordinary man, and I felt a bit like a fangirl getting to hang with him for a few minutes.

Though it has a bit of a gyrating feel to it, my mate and coworker, Waleed, captured the emotions of the meeting pretty well, I’d say.

Thanks for watching!



#VLOG - Backstage Pass – Venice Fight Club Featuring John Campbell-Mac

BRAND NEW #VLOG - Backstage Pass – Venice Fight Club Featuring John Campbell-Mac

In this brand spanking new Vlog, I go to Venice beach to meet one of my favorite people on this planet, Johnny, aka JC.  He’s one of our agents at PLG AND was also, once upon a time, a professional boxer.

I'm still not exactly sure how, but somehow, I agreed to go and let him put me through a boxing boot camp on the beaches of Venice.  I suppose I figured he could help me keep off the "dad weight."  

Besides being a favorite, JC also happens to be one of the most colorful characters I’ve met… and I’ve met a lot along the way! 

Watch us do a bit of sparring while talking about sketchy (‘Fight Club’-like) boxing matches, his journey from England, his experiences as an actor (he's been in 40+ movies) and us do an homage to ‘Rocky’ (the greatest boxing movie of all time).

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KEEPING IT REAL - The agent who sold the Playboy Mansion for 105M

We are thrilled to announce that INMAN has picked up my podcast series, 'KEEPING IT REAL'.  This is the first installment of many to come!  

On this edition of “Keeping it real,” a new series on Inman, Peter Lorimer sits down with Gary Gold, one of the agents who sold the Playboy Mansion.

Gold shares his biggest secrets to success and how to achieve it.

The two esteemed real estate agents have an in-depth back-and-forth that runs the gamut on real estate.

They’ll answer the following questions:

  • How the hell do you find $100 million listings?
  • How do you find clients in the upper echelon?
  • How have you earned their business over the years?

“I act as people’s agent before they give me the job,” Gold said. “I provide value before I get anything. I give it out there for free, and I’m happy to help anybody. When you become invaluable, you’re going to get business from that.”

“Be of service,” Lorimer added. “Knowledge isn’t earned, it’s borrowed.”

“Well, the truth is the best bullshit,” Gold countered.

Other topics of interest discussed:

  • Importance of original content and being a provider of information
  • High-touch sales
  • Early Zillow
  • All the money in real estate is converting leads, not getting them
  • Differences in selling vastly different priced homes
  • The truth about the leads you think you have
  • Gary Gold’s career trajectory

Thanks for being part of the rebellion!


#FamilyFriday - Life & Times - Remembering Our Fathers

In celebration of Father’s Day, I thought it would be special to share a clip of when me and the family went to a magnificent temple in San Dimas to remember mine and Cindy’s fathers.

It was a truly memorable and reflective day that made me even more grateful for my incredible children and wife, Cindy. 

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for watching



#ThrowbackTuesday - Make What You Love

I see people too afraid to dive into media all the time.  And then when they do, I see them make content they think their audience wants to see.

When I used to make records I actually used to do exactly the same thing.  I’d try and anticipate what people would like and want.  Then, the last album I made I decided I wasn't going to care a toss about what people thought or if it sold or was popular… and you know what… It was one of my most successful ones.

I made it from the heart and did what I loved and didn’t try to please others with it.  That's what set it apart from the rest.

The short of it - Make what you love, not what you think other people will love!

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#Vlog - Backstage Pass - Featuring Visual Artist Griffin Loop

Real Estate For Creatives 

Not Just Brick and Mortar, we are now Click And Mortar

This episode is a jam-packed day in the life of Pete Lorimer.  Firstly, I meet up with a sculpture friend who is looking to get into the market, Griffin Loop, and then head to our newly implemented PLG Playa Vista office.  On the way I get a call from Forbes and get asked to give some expertise advice about Real Estate!  

The artist Griffin Loop is one of the premiere visual artists on the west coast and we’ve been mates for a long while now.  I’m thrilled to expose you to his studio and work.  ‘Venice International Airport’ is what he calls the space.  It’s a take on his work with the airplane theme, “launch Intention”, and also an uplifting mantra of his to launch your dreams into the world.  He’s a super cool dude, newly engaged and you should probably go and try to get some of his art now, as he is on the up and up!  

Next, I head to my PLG office at WeWork in Playa Vista.  This is something I’m pretty excited to share, as I just think it makes so much sense in the shared economy of today.  Instead of “Brick and Mortar” PLG Estates is embracing “Click and Mortar” which is plays perfectly into the PLG ethos of being the most progressive real estate form in LA . 

Thanks for watching and being part of the Rebellion!


#FamilyFriday - Just Chill

Summer is right round the corner and with the hot LA weather almost upon us, I thought this would be a nice refreshing clip to post.

Here's a quick look at me and the fam taking the day to 'just chill', which is something we all need to do time and again.    

Here's the gang recharging and doing our best strokes in this spectacular resort pool. 

Thanks for watching!



#VLOG - Ultimate Movie Camera Under $50 - Cinematic iPhone

Backstage Pass

Here’s a look into my first time speaking at Skirball Center in a while.  It was so great to be back at this fab gathering of real estate folks and seeing my bud Steve Shull.  

I really get into the thick of it with this one, so let’s get to it.  

80% of my business is pulled from social media and the way I grab people is by having original content to do with work...  And the way I do that is by creating video!

Filmic Pro is software for $15.00 that you can use on your iPhone.  Now there are no excuses to not be able to shoot content.  You don’t need a ton of expensive gear or to be an equipment expert anymore.  Even Stephen Soderbergh used his phone to shoot his last movie and says he will continue to use it! 

To up your business here are some tips:

- Get Filmic Pro on your phone and shoot videos

- Track the social data

- Step up your production technique

Put out polished, interesting short videos.  Get more clicks and more likes and more business.

Thanks for watching