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Pete Lorimer Podcast - How I Got My Netflix Show

Recorded Live At Skirball Cultural Center




This opportunity fell out of the sky… (sorta) but really it happened because I’ve been pounding and pounding and pounding on the same path, in an unstoppable manner, for over 2 years now.  I was unshakable in my belief that the direction I was headed in was the right one.  And it was a gamble that has paid off.

The short of it is - I decided to open an email for a casting call, which I never do.  They took the time to put my name in the subject of the email, so I figured I’d see what it was all about.  It seemed interesting, so I reached out not thinking I stood a chance.  (I’m a bit of an oddball and not just another guy in a suit, as most of you know, so I didn’t even consider it a possibility.)  Cut to - the producers want to me come in and do a “chemistry test” with a rather huge HGTV personality...  Now I really think I’m done for…

BUT, I still went in there balls to the wall, living by one of my mantras, “I’m never afraid to make the wrong move… I’d rather make all the wrong moves than never make any.“  I get a call shortly after and it’s to say, “Congratulations, you got it”.  At this point, I’m just floored… truly floored.  I assumed I was up against maybe 2 other people tops.  They then tell me they have been searching for someone for over a year, looking all around the world.  “You and your company are light years ahead of what anyone else is doing”.  I can’t tell you the vindication I felt in hearing those words.  

And there you have it.  I got the most amazing opportunity to travel up and down and all around the US, with the show.  I was able to interview countless people and get the true pulse of the country.  I learned so much, but will give you this one HUGE tip now- everyone wants that personal touch and they don’t completely trust the technology out there, when it comes to Real Estate.  They confirmed what I’ve been saying all along… Technology isn’t the answer, the story and social interaction is.  That is what people want.  You have to sell yourself in an original way.   They care about YOU and not just the market update. 

More details to come on the show

Thanks for being a part of this incredible journey AND for being part of the rebellion


Pete Lorimer Podcast - The Power Of The Pause

Pete Lorimer Podcast - The Power Of The Pause

This is a mantra super close to my heart, as I’ve implemented in my daily life for over two decades now.  That’s how effective it is.  We all experience instances where we are questioning ourselves in terms of what we are doing, where we are going in life, what’s happening with the people around us, etc.  We all get in situations where we become overemotional and our judgment gets a bit clouded.  For example: Is my client working with another realtor? The person I’m working with on this deal just really pissed me off, etc.   The way to handle any of these situations is simple… just PAUSE.  The Power Of The Pause will save you from making big mistakes, possibly ruining relationships and veering off your path. 

A few rules for when you find yourself wanting to react to something that’s got you riled up or filled with doubt.  Stop, take a breather and remember… 

-    If it’s a good idea now, it’s still going to feel like a good idea the next morning.

-    If we react too quickly it’s saying that we don’t trust the person we are dealing with, or that we don’t trust ourselves.

-    Sometimes things are time sensitive and we don’t have a whole day to sit on it, but we can always take SOME time.  Take an hour to calm down and then reassess. 

The Power Of The Pause is a life tactic I implore you to adopt.  You’ll be stunned at how much second-guessing it will settle within yourself and just how many negative situations it will help you avoid getting yourself into!  Trust me.

I really appreciate all of the responses.  Thanks for listening AND for being part of the rebellion.



Pete Lorimer PODCAST - Full Keynote - How to Become a Rockstar Realtor - Michigan WCR Conference

Full Keynote - How to Become a Rockstar Realtor - Michigan WCR Conference - Real Estate Digital Strategies & Social Media Marketing

So the podcast this week I travel to Detroit to deliver a keynote to a very posh luncheon crowd with the subject matter being "How to be a Rockstar Agent" which I hasten to add a title I did not make up but am very flattered by. Unlike the vlog this is the ENTIRE KEYNOTE, so grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair as its a long one (but well worth it).

 I drop all the tips & techniques I have used over the years to help me have a successful real estate career and booming brokerage in the saturated and uber-competitive Los Angeles market.

The talk was about shattering some of the traditional methods of real estate and embracing the new. Peeling back the old-fashioned veneer of "Client & Customer" and following the new school of running to your tribe.

For too long, fear of upsetting people has paralyzed our industry ergo making it an ocean of vanilla. When I was a new agent I make a point of smashing any barriers between agent and client to dust. It was one of the best things I ever did professionally, and it has paid me back in spades. 

Thanks so much for watching and for being part of the rebellion. 


Pete Lorimer Podcast - Opinion on Zillow - Hashtag Ninja - Silicon Valley Closing Gift

Pete Lorimer Podcast - "Opinions on Zillow - Hashtag Ninja - Silicon Valley Closing Gift "

This weeks show is in three parts, the first topic I will be covering is the Gorilla in the room if real estate, Zillow. I will go over my thoughts and opinions regarding rhe giant of the real estate industry. Love it or hate it it is most certainly here to stay so I wanted to give you an idea of what my stance is in the mix of it all.

Second item on the docket is how to use hashtags. Have you ever sat staring at your phone after doing a killer post wracking your brain for hashtags or worse still "What thwe heck are hashtags!!". Well calm your nerves because I have a playbook on the subject that should shed some light on the subject, plus I will tell you how I use them. 

Last but not least, Silicon Valley does it again with Evabot which is a much more sophisticated way for us to send closing gifts to our people than the mad dash to the mall on your way to the final walkthough. Evabot makes the process simple and painless but with the HUGE added bonus of being able to track data too. 

I really appreciate so many of you texting, emailing and sending love its greatly appreciated and I will have another podcast out next week. Thanks for listening AND for being part of the rebellion.



Pete Lorimer Podcast - The Art of the Pivot

Peter Lorimer Podcast - "The Art of The Pivot"

Podcast 3 Thumbb.jpg

This week's podcast is a short but very sweet one.  2018 is a benchmark year in our industry with the ground literally shifting beneath our feet. BIG DATA is the buzzword de jour and I am seeing it instill anxiety into many independent contractors I see in Los Angeles. For me, Big Data is an awesome ally to augment but not replace us. In this podcast, I offer direction of how to blend the digital and traditional business worlds to create a powerful elixir that will propel you to more success.Thanks very much for listening and for being part of the rebellion.




Pete Lorimer Podcast - Goal Hitting - Techniques on How I do it!

Goal Hitting - Techniques on How I do it!

Goals are an integral part of who we are as business people, love them or hate them they are a necessary evil and when used in a more constructive manner as opposed to destructive (by hating ourselves for not reaching them) they can become powerful allies. 

In this podcast, I go over techniques I have used to make my goals be something I look forward to rather than being overwhelmed. The secret is knowing what we have control over, digging in and working as hard as we possibly can but then keeping out of the results. Now I get that this may sound counterintuitive, but I am here to tell you that its worked for me over the years and several successful businesses' so I wanted to share some of these techniques and strategies with you along with my usual anecdote or two. 

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Below you will a full transcription of the podcast for your enjoyment and reference....


"Greetings everybody and welcome to the podcast. The podcast this week was taken from audio from one of my previous Monday Mantras but now that 2018 is fully underway, the audio is incredibly poignant. Goal-setting is the lifeblood of our industry but it can be both wonderful and devastating if we don't hit our goals. So I want to share with everybody here a couple of stories and also a couple of techniques that have allowed me to hit my goals and improve my business. So stay with me and thanks for listening.

What's up everybody? Good morning. So today's session is all about goals. Goal setting for me is something that I like to do. I like to do it really much more on a broad scale, right? So I have done goals in a whole myriad of ways, right? The traditional method of doing goals is you write down, I want to make $200,000 or I want to make two million dollars or I want to make ten million dollars, whatever the goal is. Now I've got to be honest with you I'm not a massive fan of that way of setting goals, and I'll tell you why. Because I feel that when our goals are purely monetary, right, if our goals are only financial I think that number one it's a little bit of a hollow goal for me. Number two, it kind of sets us up for disaster, what if we don't hit that quarterly number, what if we don't hit $50,000 by the end of March. Or I want to do $250,000 by the end of March, the third week of March is coming along and you're nowhere near your financial goal. The steam begins to come out of you. You begin to feel a little bit kind of like, uh well I'm not going to hit this goal. You begin to drift and then you think screw it, I'm not going to hit the goal so this whole year is a wash.

So case in point in this, I had an agent sitting in my office about a week ago, lovely young lady, PLG, and she was like I want to have a goal for the new year. So there are things that are in our control and there are things that are out of our control. All we can focus on is what's in our control, we cannot force the world to provide us with 20 deals a month, or 10 deals a month, or five deals a month, whatever the number is. But what we can control is what we put out into the world, let me drill down on this a little bit. So this lovely young agent sat in front of me and she's like, what should I do? What should I do? I said the only thing that you are 1000% in charge of is the work that you put out. So I said to her, you need to be reaching out to at least 25 people a day, you need to be reaching to your sphere at least 25 people a day. If you hit 50 people a day through the DM, it can be preferably people you know, kind of know, sort of know, might know, but when you run out of them you DM other people through social media.

If you're hitting 50 people a day, if you do that for three months that should be the goal, the goal should be 50 people a day, five days a week for three months. Then we assess what's going on, I see it done the other way and it's really detrimental. I see agents killing themselves, they may do this 50 people a day, 50 contacts a day, and then after two months there's no deals and they've set up a goal of in the first three months of 2018 I'm going to have three deals. Or in the first three months of 2018 I'm going to have six deals, whatever it is. Then if you don't hit those goals the steam comes out. I am a huge fan of, this is just my personal belief structure, the universe is going to put in front of me what the universe puts in front of me. All I can do is contribute work and great ethics, and every ounce of energy I've got. The rest is not up to me. The rest is not up to me, I don't want to see people killing themselves and beating themselves up, and thinking about themselves badly if they're not hitting monetary goals. I think it's a far healthier way to go into any goal making with what you can control.

So case in point is this, some of you guys know that I used to be in the music business, some of you know that I used to be a record producer. A successful record producer in the dance music arena, had a lot of hits. So when I was 15 I was like, I want to be a record producer. It wasn't like I'm going to have a number one by the time I'm 20. It was I want to be a record producer and I'm going to do every single thing in my power to become a record producer in electronic music. So what I did was, I'm like okay, what's in my power is this, I'm going to catch the Greyhound in England, which is called the National Express. I'm going to search every dark little nook and cranny for me to find anything to do with recording studios and music.

So I packed a bag, jumped on a bus, went to London and didn't know a soul. Ended up working in a clothing store, but while I was working in that clothing store I figured out that I could go around all of the recording studios, make myself familiar, played in lots of bands. So I was able to speak their language and eventually I got in. Long story short is this, I had the goal, which was not monetary, it was a goal, goal, right? I wanted to be a record producer and ironically I did have my first number one before I was 20. But if I just focused on, I must have a hit record, I must have a hit record, I probably would have been beating myself up after a year.

So let's talk about 2018, let's talk about 2018, 2018 is going to be a phenomenally good year. I work in real estate and I love real estate, I love my company PLG, and I think 2018 is going to be another glorious year. So what does this mean for our goals? How can I be of maximum service to my clients? If I keep what I want as dead last and I keep what my clients want as dead first, I will always be successful. When I was a new agent I went and showed people houses 150 miles away. As long as my license was valid I took them and I saw the houses, and I put my heart and soul into it, and I put the client first. I thought what can I do? I researched and I almost treated them like family, I went above and beyond. A part of the reason was that's kind of the guy I am, but I also knew if I did this, I made myself completely and utterly invaluable to them. What happened was then people would refer me, they would refer me to other people time and time again. That's how I built my business. Life is too fricking short to beat ourselves up, right?

If you don't hit your goal and you've given it your best crack then please, please do not beat yourself up. There are some great people that I admire that I've learnt a lot from over the years, and one person in particular says, the journey is always better than the destination. I didn't know what that meant when I was a younger man. I didn't know what that meant. Now I know to my bones, the journey is better than the destination, yes I've got goals, we've all got goals. But if I can wake up every morning in LA, jump into a company that I love and adore, work with people that I love and adore, in an industry that I love and adore I've already hit the jackpot. It's not like I'm grinding it out being a litigator, no offense against litigators. It's not like I'm grinding out in a job that I hate. I wake up every morning in a city that I love, in a job that I love, in a company that I love, with people that I love. The money is the bonus. I keep that front and center.

Be kind to yourselves, go easy on yourselves, work hard, work hard, work hard. We live in America, it's the best country on the planet. If you're going to be down on your luck I'd rather be down on my luck in the United States than in somewhere like Mogadishu. I appreciate your support, God bless, and I'll see you all later.

That's about it for the podcast for today, thank you so, so, so much for joining me. Do not forget to hit that subscribe button, yes go ahead and hit it and share all this content with your mates. I will be back in the shaking of a lambs tail and you can always get more at or whichever you prefer. I will see you soon with business strategies and all sorts of loveliness, but most of all thanks for listening."

Pete Lorimer Podcast - The Mystery of Facebook Pixel, Revealed

Facebook Pixel is probably one of the most important evolutions of the ever-changing “Thousand Pound Gorilla” of a platform Facebook, and I decided to share my thoughts on it at the PLG Estates weekly staff meeting in Beverly Hills, including what exactly it is and how to use it.

The text below is from one of the private company meetings, recorded in Beverly Hills a few days ago from the time of this post, and hopefully, you will find some useful nuggets and strategies you can deploy in your business. Plus, I have included the audio post for you too. Many more podcasts to come to thanks for listening and...

...thanks for being part of the rebellion. 


Recorded Thursday February 16th 2018 - Conference Room - PLG Estates - Beverly Hills 

Today we are going to get down in the weeds with Facebook Pixel. If you don’t know Facebook Pixel is this, I'm going to do it as an anecdote rather than as what it really is.

For example let’s say you have a shoe store on the ground floor of a building. A car drives by and goes, "Oh, I like that shoe shop." You go out and you lob a tracking device and It sticks to their car. They drive home. You go, "Great, I know where you live now and I know what kind of shoes you like, so I'm going to send you marketing regarding my shoes. Thanks very much for looking at my store as you drove by."

This is exactly what Facebook Pixel is, Facebook Pixel is a line of code that you drop ion every page of your website. So that when people go on your website Facebook Pixel, which remember is embedded on every page of your site, sends a message back to your Facebook business account that they've been on your website. Then, when the person that went on your website goes back on Facebook, your Facebook account sees this and their code is dropped into a bucket in your business Facebook account so that you can begin to market to them. Essentially Facebook Pixel is a tracking device for all your potential customers that visit your website. So, When that person then next goes on Facebook, you capture them as someone to market to. GENIUS!

The Facebook Pixel engine engine is absolute gold and I highly recommend that everybody sets a Facebook Pixel up now; even if you don't market to it just yet. You want to be collecting people that have expressed an interest in you for future marketing campaigns.

For example - I'm going to use Carey. She has a special niche in real estate. As well as regular real estate, you also tend to many luxury short-term rentals, right?

Carey - Yeah, I do

Peter - Hidden chic villas is your website. Now, over the past year, how many hits do you think you've had on your website? Let's just say 1,000 a month, right?

Carrie - Yes.

Peter - That's 12,000 people that are hitting your website a month which is a healthy amount for your niche. Now, Let's trim the fat off of that. Lets say only 20% of them live in L.A.  Lets just call it 2,500 people for the example.  Out of the 2,500 people, the rough rule of thumb is 5% of people are likely to perform transactions. So, That's  100+ deals that you are, at the moment, unaware they're even interested in you.

Now you create a tailored Facebook marketing campaign that reflects similar content to your website, because remember that’s where they came from, such as , "L.A.s Top 3 Luxury short term rentals”. Carey already has a niche audience in her website AmFm now thanks to Facebook Pixel sending her information from her website back to Facebook she now has the ability to market to the same people that visit her website but now in Facebook. Then, once they do the magic click within Facebook, you see who they are and You got them!

The bottom line is, if you now consistently market to that 2500 people that were just randomly browsing your website, through Facebook thanks to collecting their data with Facebook Pixel,  it will turn into deals. Look at Facebook Pixel as a machine that spits into a bucket all of those people you didn't realize were interested in you. Then, you can begin to market to them over and over again through Facebook and Instagram of course.

Then, engage, engage, engage! Plus with Facebook and Instagram you can always choose to send them to a link of your choice, such as your website, so you would be sending them right back to where it all began by them anonymously browsing. But this time, you are the one sending them plus you are all over them on social media so the chances of them converting to a client are exponentially increased for just pennies in the dollar".

(End of Meeting)

Above you have had a peek into one of the private meetings at PLG but, as always I am happy to share it with you and I hope you find a way to put it to good use. Below you will find the audio podcast of the same session. 

I will have more blog posts coming soon so stay tuned and thanks for being part of the rebellion.



How to Win at Being You, Make $ From Your Personality.

Only one short decade ago the world was a completely different place to own a business.

The way we marketed, what we did, and what we sold could not be more of a polar opposite of how we handle commerce today. I remember when I first started my second career in real estate, after leaving a very successful music business career behind, how it felt to me that the entire industry was predicated on how to schmooze or even trick potential clients into buying or selling a home. Well, we all know how that ended in 2008.

It’s almost as if the crash was a scorching of the earth that allowed the green shoots of the new school of business to germinate. I watched this with great enthusiasm as I fell right into the middle of the pack of the new school with the creation of PLG Estates in 2010.  Conversely I believe today’s commerce is now predicated, more than ever, on authenticity, vulnerability, and a no bullshit approach to handling our clients. Looking them in the eye and being as far away from the echoes of the early century by being transparent, utterly, and to be of non self seeing service.

Another facet of business in 2018 that has Evolved from the ashes of 2008 is the fact that boundaries have come crashing down between client and vendor, and where once there was a veneer barrier between agent  and end-user more and more now I see that business owners and end users are from the same tribes moreover In today’s world of commerce tribes like to work with the same tribes over and over again as long as they adhere to the rules of the “new school” 

1. Be Authentic 

2. No salesy bullshit  

3. Be a coach, a counselor and a therapist but never be a salesman.  

4. We should put our interests dead last and our clients interests dead first and keep as much air between them as possible.  

5. Be of service without expectation (This is probably the best one)  

Item 5 can be a difficult one to swallow so let me leave you with this. To all the people out there who are commission based I have a simple yet powerful mantra that has helped me keep my head in the game. Never look at each client as a commission, look at what we earn a year as a salary and EVERYONE gets the same service no matter what. I have lived by this statement for the past decade and a half and it’s probably the sentence that has guided me to success over and over and over  .

Until next time, thanks for joining me and let’s go out there and smash it!