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Backyard Fairy Bash - Charlotte’s 6th Birthday - Life & Times

I can hardly believe it, but somehow it’s Charlotte’s big day again.  6 down and many to go!  Even though the older the kids get the sillier I look doing these videos, I wouldn’t stop making them for the world, tutus and all. 

I couldn’t be more blessed to have such an incredible family and I want to make sure that we are all able to keep these memories fresh in our hearts for as long as we can. 

On this latest Lorimer birthday episode we had our very own fairy village right here in Studio city, thanks to my always-incredible wife, Cindy.  She did an amazing job with the rainbow cake, nibbly bits, decorations and more.  Charlotte and her little friends couldn’t have been more thrilled.  It was a magical day. 

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#FamilyFriday - Life & Times - Oliver Turns 7!

Last week my boy Oliver turned 7.  I’m still having a hard time grasping where the time went, seems like only 2 minutes ago I was cradling him in my arms, but it’s sure been a fantastic ride. 

Apparently, young Oliver has become quite the Jedi aficionado, so this year’s theme was… Yup, you guessed it…  Star Wars!

Everyone was quite impressed with the “special guests” (aka a Star Trooper & Darth Vader), everyone except little Charlotte that is, who had a bit of a meltdown when meeting the duo.  She recovered quickly!

Between the spread Cindy put together, the gourmet cake, Oliver dueling with the dark side and some fun in the pool, it was a perfect day.

Thanks for watching and celebrating with us Star Wars style


#FamilyFriday - Life & Times - The Maldives Part II

BRAND NEW – Life & Times - The Maldives Part II

After traveling for over 30 hours, we finally landed on a tiny speck of an island in the middle of the Indian ocean, Malé.  My voice gone, the 5 of us a bit upside down and exhausted with the time change, we were still beyond excited to have ALMOST made it to our final destination, in the Maldives.

Planes, trains, automobiles, boats AND the final piece to the puzzle… a seaplane!

I was blown away and exhilarated during a glorious 30-minute stint in the air, feeling like a modern Icarus over a turquoise jewelry box that was the Indian Ocean…   

I was then quickly shot back into reality when we were about to descend in a tin can towards a watery runway… BUT, suddenly my trepidation vanished as with one gentle and perfect kiss of the waves we touched down.

FINALLY, the last 3 minutes of a 48-hour journey even Christopher Columbus would be proud of.   I have to admit that I felt like a little kid entering his very own James Bond movie at that very moment. 

Then, the finish line!  We made it to one of the most remote places on the planet, The Four Seasons in The Maldives. 

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for Part III where the adventure continues!


#FamilyFriday – Life & Times SPECIAL - The Great Lorimer Vacation – The Maldives Part I

#FamilyFriday – Life & Times SPECIAL - The Great Lorimer Vacation – The Maldives Part I

3 small kids, a 40-hour journey and the best Dim Sum in Hong Kong! 

On this first part of our epic family vacation, we are in transit on our way to The Maldives.  It’s quite the trek, but I can assure you, it’s totally worth it.  We were lucky to have an incredible tour guide on our stop in Hong Kong, where we saw one of the most famous skylines on the planet in Kowloon on the Hong Kong Harbor. 

This trip to Hong Kong was very unlike my previous visits there, in my DJing days.  A nice change of pace from pumping bass, screaming, getting on planes and crashing in hotels.  I quite enjoyed being a tourist with my family this time around!

And finally, our last stop was at The Four Seasons for truly the most sensational Dim Sum I’ve ever had. 

Stay tuned for Part II when we land at our final destination, The Maldives.  Nothing better than a good cliffhanger. 

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#FamilyFriday - Life & Times - Remembering Our Fathers

In celebration of Father’s Day, I thought it would be special to share a clip of when me and the family went to a magnificent temple in San Dimas to remember mine and Cindy’s fathers.

It was a truly memorable and reflective day that made me even more grateful for my incredible children and wife, Cindy. 

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for watching



#FamilyFriday - The White Belt with the Black Stripe - Oliver Graduates Karate


We had an awesome time at my son, Oliver’s, Karate Graduation.  Here’s a clip of him doing his best front kick and getting his white belt with stripes. 

Though he was a tad apprehensive about being on camera, much unlike his dear old dad, he eventually allowed me to get some great shots.  He’ll thank me when he’s 40.  

So proud!

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#FamilyFriday - Ranunculus?

The perfect day in Carlsbad at the Ranunculus Flower Fields.  Even though we didn’t learn how to pronounce the crazy name until the bitter end, we had a delightful day.  It was like being inside a floral rainbow.  We also found out just in the nick of time that the flowers are also called buttercups, which is much more our style. 

A bloom of buttercups and family!

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#FamilyFriday - Just Chill

Summer is right round the corner and with the hot LA weather almost upon us, I thought this would be a nice refreshing clip to post.

Here's a quick look at me and the fam taking the day to 'just chill', which is something we all need to do time and again.    

Here's the gang recharging and doing our best strokes in this spectacular resort pool. 

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#FamilyFriday - My Niece The Youtube Influencer

Featuring Fashion Influencer & Youtuber @ThatsChic (Raychel Nguyen).

In this episode we got to hang with influencer @Thatschic who has taken her social career as an influencer to the pinnacle of success, working with the a veritable who's who of the world of fashion. She attempts to "jushe" me up as Cindy and I spend the day with her (she is actually Cindy's niece) and discuss the ever changing landscape of both our worlds that contain the same thread… which is, commerce is driven by having your own unique voice and she confirms that the globe has moved back to being driven by the voices of boutique companies in all facets of business.

I always talk about how important “the story” is in any kind of business, and Raychel certainly confirms my theory

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#FamilyFriday - The Museum Of Ice Cream

Life & TImes - The Museum Of Ice Cream

What a day.  In this little jaunt The Lorimer Clan and some mates head to the uber trendy Arts District of Downtown LA, to visit The Museum of Ice Cream! It was a veritable kaleidoscope of colors, tastes, and textures.  At one point feeling like a blend between "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" AND "The Shining", but nevertheless, much frivolity was had by all.

Mint planted in chocolate soil, scratch and sniff banana wallpaper, edible cookie dough with charcoal (that maybe whitens your teeth) and a pool made entirely of sprinkles.  I had a hard time leaving. 

Come and hang with us for the day and visit The Museum of Ice Cream!

#FAMILY FRIDAY -- The Colorado River


The Colorado River

Reminiscing over another epic outing I was lucky enough to take with my family.  This time it was exploring the mighty Colorado River on a private guided raft tour.  We had probably the coolest lunch break of my life on the side of the river. 

The views, nature and the feeling of being an ant amongst giants was humbling and like nothing else we’ve done.  Another life experience on the bucket list crossed off! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Aspen Special - Life & Times - The Lorimer Family Vlog

LIFE & TIMES - ASPEN SPECIAL - The Lorimer Family Vlog #FamilyFriday

For #FamilyFriday this week I have brought back a classic vlog. Vlogging, at this point, has become a total addiction to me and this is a 2018 re-edit of the epic video we initially released about a year ago. It was my first real venture into creating a full-on vlog and I have to say I am really pleased with the result. It all takes place in the magical town of Aspen, Colorado and this was the first time any of us had been there. 

We ran the gamete from on the piste to dog sledding to everything in between and the result is a rather epic, over 20-minute, video that really comes from the heart and I hope you enjoy the trip along with us. It truly was the trip of a lifetime and I have to say I fell in love with Aspen and I look forward to the next time I can panic as I ski the top slopes in a wind storm alone again. 

Enjoy the Video on my newly created Peter Lorimer - Life & Times Youtube Channel where I will be dropping all the Life & Times Videos so they can all live all snuggly and happily ever after...