KEEPING IT REAL - The agent who sold the Playboy Mansion for 105M

We are thrilled to announce that INMAN has picked up my podcast series, 'KEEPING IT REAL'.  This is the first installment of many to come!  

On this edition of “Keeping it real,” a new series on Inman, Peter Lorimer sits down with Gary Gold, one of the agents who sold the Playboy Mansion.

Gold shares his biggest secrets to success and how to achieve it.

The two esteemed real estate agents have an in-depth back-and-forth that runs the gamut on real estate.

They’ll answer the following questions:

  • How the hell do you find $100 million listings?
  • How do you find clients in the upper echelon?
  • How have you earned their business over the years?

“I act as people’s agent before they give me the job,” Gold said. “I provide value before I get anything. I give it out there for free, and I’m happy to help anybody. When you become invaluable, you’re going to get business from that.”

“Be of service,” Lorimer added. “Knowledge isn’t earned, it’s borrowed.”

“Well, the truth is the best bullshit,” Gold countered.

Other topics of interest discussed:

  • Importance of original content and being a provider of information
  • High-touch sales
  • Early Zillow
  • All the money in real estate is converting leads, not getting them
  • Differences in selling vastly different priced homes
  • The truth about the leads you think you have
  • Gary Gold’s career trajectory

Thanks for being part of the rebellion!