How to Win at Being You, Make $ From Your Personality.


Only one short decade ago the world was a completely different place to own a business.

The way we marketed, what we did, and what we sold could not be more of a polar opposite of how we handle commerce today. I remember when I first started my second career in real estate, after leaving a very successful music business career behind, how it felt to me that the entire industry was predicated on how to schmooze or even trick potential clients into buying or selling a home. Well, we all know how that ended in 2008.

It’s almost as if the crash was a scorching of the earth that allowed the green shoots of the new school of business to germinate. I watched this with great enthusiasm as I fell right into the middle of the pack of the new school with the creation of PLG Estates in 2010.  Conversely I believe today’s commerce is now predicated, more than ever, on authenticity, vulnerability, and a no bullshit approach to handling our clients. Looking them in the eye and being as far away from the echoes of the early century by being transparent, utterly, and to be of non self seeing service.

Another facet of business in 2018 that has Evolved from the ashes of 2008 is the fact that boundaries have come crashing down between client and vendor, and where once there was a veneer barrier between agent  and end-user more and more now I see that business owners and end users are from the same tribes moreover In today’s world of commerce tribes like to work with the same tribes over and over again as long as they adhere to the rules of the “new school” 

1. Be Authentic 

2. No salesy bullshit  

3. Be a coach, a counselor and a therapist but never be a salesman.  

4. We should put our interests dead last and our clients interests dead first and keep as much air between them as possible.  

5. Be of service without expectation (This is probably the best one)  

Item 5 can be a difficult one to swallow so let me leave you with this. To all the people out there who are commission based I have a simple yet powerful mantra that has helped me keep my head in the game. Never look at each client as a commission, look at what we earn a year as a salary and EVERYONE gets the same service no matter what. I have lived by this statement for the past decade and a half and it’s probably the sentence that has guided me to success over and over and over  .

Until next time, thanks for joining me and let’s go out there and smash it!