I’m Young, Scrappy & Hungry, Just like my Country.

A couple of weeks ago I had an extremely moving experience when I went to see the musical “Hamilton” playing at the world famous Pantages here in LA.  

Little did I know that not only was the play and performances top notch but the essence of the play which I took to be the struggle of America becoming Independent from my former land but moreover the sentiment was one of a gritty fight and the heart that was shown that allows the US to beat the greatest army on the planet at the time, The British. 

I am now a proud American and the play evoked and distilled profound feelings of that same grit mixed with gratitude for a country that took me, warts and all, not dissimilar to the other wretches that hit the shores of America only to be greeted in my case with a hot meal and a slap on the back with that oh so familiar “Atta boy” smile that you only get here.  

The play reignited the feelings in me that are never far from the surface and my usinal Monday Mantra rant reflected it.  

Thanks for watching and your time.