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#ThrowbackTuesday - Backstage Pass Classic

We Sell Trust, Not Just Houses - Conversations With Steve Shull

I thought today would be the perfect day to look back on this crazy day with my mate Steve Shull, since I’ll be speaking at one of his events this Friday!  

In this #BackstagePass I wrangle my business coach, Steve Shull (owner of Performance Coaching) atop a saddle and the bike path of Venice Beach CA.  We went for a little biz dev and frivolity at the same time.  

Steve is a powerhouse and coaches some of the top agents in the world, but I was determined to get HIM out of HIS comfort zone this time, so we had a day at the beach....  Here is the evidence that he has become a true social media junkie, just like me. 

Thanks for watching



# THROWBACKTUESDAY The Answer Is The Story - A tidbit from ‘The First American Title Conference’ in Santa Barbara


The Answer Is The Story - A tid bit from ‘The First American Title Conference’ in Santa Barbara

If you want to blend in get lost… because I want to stand out.  This is how you break away from the pack, get heard and become successful.

Technology and Social Media are two different things.  Technology is not the answer.  The answer is always the same and has been forever…  It’s THE STORY.  Technology is simply the way it’s delivered.  If the message isn’t there, then who cares?  I certainly don’t.  It doesn’t matter if you market on 100 different platforms, get all the latest apps to reach the most people, etc. 

If there is no story or great message, none of it means anything!

#THROWBACKTUESDAY Video Is The Future – LA Real Estate Tech Conference

#THROWBACKTUESDAY - Video Is The Future – LA Real Estate Tech Conference

This was a superb event where I got to explain my ideas on the future of the industry.  I’ve been banging my drum about this the last couple years so it was wonderful to spread the word… 

Storytelling through video is the future.  The future is video.  “In 2019 it is said that 85% of traffic on the internet will be video.”  That’s just nuts.  I knew in my gut this is where the world was headed years ago and I went full speed ahead in that direction.   If you want to take risks, tell a story with video and find your tribe to aim it at.

Thanks so much for watching and for being part of the rebellion.  PL

How to Be a Rockstar Agent - Backstage Pass Vlog - Keynote Michigan WCR conference


So in this Vlog I travel to Detroit to deliver a keynote to a very posh luncheon crowd with the subject matter being "How to be a Rockstar Agent" which I hasten to add a title I did not make up but am very flattered by. I spoke at a conference in Chicago last year and they loved it so much they booked me in Michigan. 

The talk was about shattering some of the traditional methods of real estate and embracing the new. Peeling back the old fashioned veneer of "Client & Customer" and following the new school of running to your tribe.

For too long, fear of upsetting people has paralyzed our industry ergo making it an ocean of vanilla. When I was a new agent I make a point of smashing any barriers between agent and client to dust. It was one of the best things I ever did professionally, and it has paid me back in spades. 

Thanks so much for watching and for being part of the rebellion.