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Top Tips for Selling Your Home in a Slow Season | Magic Minute Season 3

Top Tips for Selling Your Home in a Slow Season:

👉 Three words: Price, Price, Price - you have to price it perfectly.

👉 Work with a pro: listen to your agent if they are wanting to stage, declutter, or make any other changes.

As the market neutralizes, the value proposition of a real estate professional is becoming more valuable. A good agent can help you differentiate your home from the one for sale down the street.

I'd love to hear your thoughts this! Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for being part of the rebellion and for being here ❤️ Pete

The Secret to ZERO Failures - Season Finale | Monday Mantra

This may be the most important Mantra I have ever done and its the season finale too!

This is not just a roadmap for business, its a roadmap for life. I will be covering the struggles from my UK roots, coming to America, Buddhism, The "Burning Bush" moment of clarity and many other milestones. BUT I will also be covering my experience with my spiritual guide, my spiritual herbalist, transcendental meditation. There may be points where you think "Whoa Pete has lost it" but I assure you its all spoken with the truest sincerity I can muster.

After a decade or more of practice and application the techniques talked about have culminated in I now have no failure and ultimate freedom. I know this one is out there for sure but its given to you with nothing but the heartfelt desire to show you what took me years to discover and that has utterly and unimaginably shaped my life infinitely for the better. Thanks for being watching and for being part of the rebellion.


How Do I Help a Timid Buyer Cross The Line? | Magic Minute Season 3

How do you help a timid buyer cross the line? My opinion is that that's the wrong question. Instead, we should be asking this: How can you be of service to them in order to instill confidence?

🚫 No one likes a pushy salesperson 🚫

Our job has changed. We are our clients' advocates; therefore, we need to garner the most precious commodity of all - trust.

"Don't look at every client as a paycheck; look at what you earn in a year as a salary, and make sure that everyone gets the same service." - Cindy Lorimer

Comment below with how you can be of service today.

Thanks for being part of the rebellion and for being here ❤️ Pete