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#Throwback Tuesday - My First Time Meeting Gary Vaynerchuk

Charge At The Future 

Here’s a look back at a day I think of quite fondly.  It was when I got to meet my man crush Gary Vee and tell him how he has ruined my life (kidding)!  I attended an Inman conference where I was able to see him speak about how to predict the future and make strategies to charge forth and avoid that forever growing vanilla noise.

His talk was right up my alley.  As you all know, I’m a huge proponent of tackling the future head on and changing things up by using video as a tool.  It was amazing to meet and hear ideas from a Vlogger that inspires me to always do more. 

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion!


#ThrowbackTuesday - Leave The Footprints, Don't Follow Them


I was invited to speak at the California Association of Realtors Conference in Long Beach, on the Media and Marketing Panel.   As always I will gladly jump on stage to spout about things I'm passionate about and was honored to do so.

One of the main things I spoke about was what I think the secret to being successful in this business is… One word – YOUTUBE.  Lead, don’t follow and find your own information. 

It's funny stepping out of my bubble to see what the rest of my industry is doing and it's always kinda wild to compare what I'm doing.  It seems that real estate, for the most part, is stuck in the dark ages... but I attempted to shine a light on at least my contribution to the industry in this episode of the Vlog...

Leave the footprints, don’t follow them. 

Thanks for being part of the rebellion 


# THROWBACKTUESDAY The Answer Is The Story - A tidbit from ‘The First American Title Conference’ in Santa Barbara


The Answer Is The Story - A tid bit from ‘The First American Title Conference’ in Santa Barbara

If you want to blend in get lost… because I want to stand out.  This is how you break away from the pack, get heard and become successful.

Technology and Social Media are two different things.  Technology is not the answer.  The answer is always the same and has been forever…  It’s THE STORY.  Technology is simply the way it’s delivered.  If the message isn’t there, then who cares?  I certainly don’t.  It doesn’t matter if you market on 100 different platforms, get all the latest apps to reach the most people, etc. 

If there is no story or great message, none of it means anything!

Pete Lorimer PODCAST - Full Keynote - How to Become a Rockstar Realtor - Michigan WCR Conference

Full Keynote - How to Become a Rockstar Realtor - Michigan WCR Conference - Real Estate Digital Strategies & Social Media Marketing

So the podcast this week I travel to Detroit to deliver a keynote to a very posh luncheon crowd with the subject matter being "How to be a Rockstar Agent" which I hasten to add a title I did not make up but am very flattered by. Unlike the vlog this is the ENTIRE KEYNOTE, so grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair as its a long one (but well worth it).

 I drop all the tips & techniques I have used over the years to help me have a successful real estate career and booming brokerage in the saturated and uber-competitive Los Angeles market.

The talk was about shattering some of the traditional methods of real estate and embracing the new. Peeling back the old-fashioned veneer of "Client & Customer" and following the new school of running to your tribe.

For too long, fear of upsetting people has paralyzed our industry ergo making it an ocean of vanilla. When I was a new agent I make a point of smashing any barriers between agent and client to dust. It was one of the best things I ever did professionally, and it has paid me back in spades. 

Thanks so much for watching and for being part of the rebellion.