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Tips On How To Get Business From Your Friends | Monday Mantra

Have you ever been afraid to sell to your friends? As a real estate agent or any other profession, it's all about service and about your sphere. Watch this video to find out what I mean.

Here's the truth: 87% of your business comes from people you know.

Even with that glaringly overwhelming statistic, agents are still terrified to sell to those they know. And here's what I tell them: don't. The art of sales is NEVER to sell. Don't sell to them, serve them.

How do you serve? Always, always, always start with people in your sphere of influence. Strike up a conversation. Chat with them about their life. And at the end, as your walking away, let them know you'd like to have the opportunity to earn their business.

That does a few things. It's non-confrontational, it gives them a way out, it makes it about them not you, and it also puts the ball in your court to follow up.

If this was helpful, please share this with someone who might also find it helpful.

Thanks for being part of the rebellion and for being here ❤️ Pete

3 Secrets to Roadmap Massive Success in Real Estate in 2020 | Monday Mantra

Todays Mantra is all about 3 Secrets (actually 4 as I have a bonus secret at the end of the video) that I deploy to make sure that I am on point with everything in my real estate career so that I can have a healthy pipeline when I start my new year, in this case its 2020.

I will be covering everything from prospecting to your digital identity, so glad you can join me on this weeks Monday Mantra its great to have you with me, thanks for being part of this.

Love PL

5 Tips to Avoid Burnout - Monday Mantra

We've all been there. That feeling when you wake up in the morning and just feel... done. You feel that there's not enough coffee in the world to make things happen. Burnout is inevitable and happens to all of us; it can be paralyzing. The trick is to work on avoiding it by being proactive. I use the following five things daily to avoid burnout.

A. Prioritize your workload

Separate the most important from the stuff that’s not as important. I love lists.

You have to write things down; a great way to fail is to carry it all around in your head. Also, you can't do it all. 50% of something - 100% of nothing.

B. Work with purpose

When I work on something I'm passionate about, it doesn't feel like work. I don't work with toxic clients (see a previous mantra for more about that). Naturally, work is work and sometimes isn't enjoyable; but, if you move towards the light and work on things that feel you with excitement--you'll be contagious.

C. Give away what you have learned freely and to anyone that asks.

Yes this even means your potential competition (Steve Shull Story) Making someone else feel good can only make you feel better; plus, its the unwritten law of economics, the more we give the more we receive.

D. Exercise

Exercise is my best therapist, I never want to go but I always do and when I do I am always glad I did.

E. You are not in control - No stress. The universe has it all mapped out. Spend time meditating.

Thanks for being here, PL

How to Stay Relevant & at the Top of Your Game - Monday Mantra

In this weeks mantra I drill down on some of the fundamentals of staying relevant. For me business is a daily evolution that moves incrementally everyday and if we don’t stay on top of that evolution we can drift very easily and head toward being irrelevant without even being aware. In this video I go over the how I stay on top of everything by giving you a whole bag of tips and techniques that I use myself. Thanks so much for being here and for being part of the rebellion Love PL

Using Content to Leverage Community | Pete Lorimer Mantra

The worst thing that can happen for your digital narrative--your brand--is this: waking up Monday morning and winging it. Your brand will suffer, and it will feel diluted and inauthentic. And worse, your audience will figure out that you're scrambling. You have to have a plan--or, specifically, a content calendar.

There's a lot of consolidation in the real estate world. And then, there's the rebellion--boutique real estate companies doing their own thing. Letting your company dictate your branding is the kiss of death. You have to take control of your own digital identity.

Here's how you can plan and leverage content for your community:

👉 There are certain influencers in your neighborhood. The new coffee shop, restaurant, boutique, etc. Find the most influential and newest establishments in your neighborhood.

👉 Go in and ask to do an interview with them. Most likely, they're going to jump at the chance for this free coverage/marketing. Follow-up with details (duration, process, etc).

👉 Make sure it's both informative and entertaining

👉 Here's what you're going to do with your interview:

You'll shoot it as a 16x9 piece, 👋 YouTube

Then, alter that piece for IGTV

Next, chop your YouTube piece into 1-minute videos for your IG feed

Take just the audio, turn it into a podcast

Take the podcast, turn into a written word article

You can easily create 5 more pieces from either the article, the audio, or the video.

👉 Now what? You've got 10 pieces of content. You're going to spread out those 10 pieces, and then hyper-locally target these pieces in your preferred zip code.

👉 You're going to have to stay consistent with this. Once a month, week, etc. It doesn't matter how often you just have to keep it up.

👉 When you create this content, you tag the establishment. Then, strike a deal with the business owner, "if you like the content, I'll give you original copies-- can you please push it out on your pages?"

Now, you've created content, added value to your audience and the establishment in the interview, and set yourself up as an authority on the area. 💥

Move Fast and Break Things - Being Decisive in Business - Monday Mantra

Move Fast and Break Things - Being Decisive in Business - Monday Mantra

In this weeks Mantra its all about speed. Although we live in the fastest pace environment of all time, still, I see that business owners are paralyzed by indecision which ultimately means the demise of many of their business'.

For me, gut instinct has played an unfathomably important role for me as a business owner. The ability to make swift decisions I feel has contributed to my agility to trend spot and not get bogged down in the weeds with the smallest of details. So moving fast ultimately means that things will get broken along the way, but that's par for the course.

And remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Thanks very much for watching and for being part of the rebellion....