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#FamilyFriday - The White Belt with the Black Stripe - Oliver Graduates Karate


We had an awesome time at my son, Oliver’s, Karate Graduation.  Here’s a clip of him doing his best front kick and getting his white belt with stripes. 

Though he was a tad apprehensive about being on camera, much unlike his dear old dad, he eventually allowed me to get some great shots.  He’ll thank me when he’s 40.  

So proud!

Thanks for watching,


#FamilyFriday - The Museum Of Ice Cream

Life & TImes - The Museum Of Ice Cream

What a day.  In this little jaunt The Lorimer Clan and some mates head to the uber trendy Arts District of Downtown LA, to visit The Museum of Ice Cream! It was a veritable kaleidoscope of colors, tastes, and textures.  At one point feeling like a blend between "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" AND "The Shining", but nevertheless, much frivolity was had by all.

Mint planted in chocolate soil, scratch and sniff banana wallpaper, edible cookie dough with charcoal (that maybe whitens your teeth) and a pool made entirely of sprinkles.  I had a hard time leaving. 

Come and hang with us for the day and visit The Museum of Ice Cream!

2018 Goals and How to Hit Them, Plus A Very Big Announcement - Monday Mantra Livestream

MONDAY MANTRA LIVESTREAM - 2018 Goals and How to Hit Them - A Very Big Announcement 

In this Mantra I talk about goals and the techniques I have used over the years. Goal setting can be just a destructive as constructive, so, I go over some of the pitfalls that can shatter goal setting along with some belief structures that have helped me to no end over the years.

It is all about putting what we want dead last and putting what our clients want dead first and as long as we do that, the business will continue to find us.

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