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Looking Forward to the Holidays - So I can go in for the Kill!

As we draw closer to the holidays, there is always a rather unusual blend of joviality blended with the sense of entitlement that we owe it to ourselves to slow down and take it easy and focus on family and fun! 

Now no one loves family more than me and I am pretty partial to fun, BUT I always look at this time of year like a lion that lays in wait in the grass of the Savanna patiently watching for the gazelle... that feels no fear due to the fact the herd is close so she can take it a little more easy... then, POW! I am on it (the deal) with even more gusto than at a busier time of the year.  

Make no mistake, I am also deep in prep for the next year by mid-October leaving nothing up to chance and trying to have a gut navigated road map of as much of the next several months I have resonating with me.  

Treat Thanksgiving through the new year as the Trojan horse that allows you to get the drop on your competitors. As they are “winding down” you should be winding up for the ultimate fastball that if used strategically could be one of the best plays of the year. Be unstoppable and grind it out even more at this time of year and I guarantee it will bear fruit for you 10x in the new year. NO SLEEP UNTIL JANUARY!  

Here on my blog I will be dropping my thoughts as often as possible with the intent to give away everything I have learned in skills, negotiation tactics and street smarts along the way. I am a dude that simply must express himself and I have the profound belief that knowledge is borrowed, and not owned.

So, feel free to subscribe below, if you want to.  I promise I am going to pack the pages of the blog with good shit from the heart and if you have made it this far down in the post I thank you for your time.  

Have a prosperous week