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Ross Golan Interview / Pete Lorimer - The Creative Entrepreneur Podcast

Greetings and welcome to the Creative Entrepreneur Podcast I am your host Pete Lorimer former hit record producer now host of the show Stay Here on Netflix and owner La’s most creative Boutique real estate firm PLG Estates. 

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My Guest on the podcast this week is one of the worlds top award winning hit songwriters named Ross Golan originally from the outskirts of Chicago but now an LA resident, Ross is the whose who of songwriters, having penned hits for Selena Gomez, Flo Rida, Keith Urban and Maroon 5 just to name a few. Plus an Ovation Award winner for his soon to be off Broadway Production “The Wrong Man” and winner of the 2016 BMI Song writer of the year Ross is an unstoppable force in the industry and one off the most open and welcoming to boot . I wanted to sit down with Ross to see how he conjures up ideas and inspiration for the air and then turn that inspiration into hit songs. Ross is someone I call a friend but also someone I profoundly admire as he is one of the best examples of a creative entrepreneur.

Golden Nuggets from this episode:

[04:15] “if you can show attainability, that gives the next generation the goals that they can set.” Ross Golan

[04:38] “mentorship is huge in opening doors for the Next Generation” Ross Golan

[05:16] “Think of the people that you're competing against as the people who are creating at the top” Ross Golan

[08:15] “the idea that you can create a business every single day that's what I loved about songwriting” Ross Golan

[08:56] “once you understand the value of the asset  you start creating assets that have that kind of potential value.” Ross Golan

[10:25] “I think of being a songwriter as being an illusionist” Ross Golan

[14:21] “I will call it “the new school of entrepreneur”, where patience,

is something that is encouraged” Pete Lorimer” 

[23:42] “food always tastes better with people” Pete Lorimer

[24:03] “What I get the biggest kick out is being in the game” Pete Lorimer 

[32:10] “this is not at all what i expected, but it’s exactly what i aimed for” Ross Golan

[32:25] “keep chiseling away at building that statue of David but you might end up with the Mona Lisa” Peter Lorimer

[33:41] “if you don't prioritize your life someone else will” Ross Golan

[34.22] “some point you have to say no, you have to say no, or you will be lost in everybody else’s plan.” Ross Golan

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Pete Lorimer Podcast - Move Fast and Break Things - Being Decisive in Business

This is a phrase that has been paramount in my ability to learn and grow at speed whilst accomplishing success in multiple businesses. Move fast and Break Things means to not sweat every minute detail and to have a stab at something even if you fall flat on your face and it ends up being a royal disaster. Fearing putting a step in the wrong direction is paralyzing to growth and moving swiftly whilst being aware that is can all blow up in your face is all part of the entrepreneurs journey. MF&BT is actually a phrase I borrowed from Facebooks own Mark Zuckerberg and it seems this ethos has stood him in good stead so we should all take a leaf out of his book and press forward with ideas at speed and without fear of egg on ones face.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Thanks so much for being here. ❤️ P 

Golden Nuggets from this episode:

[02:49] “One of the most important facets of me being able to have a successful business or businesses is, I move fast!”

[03:21] “MY Education or evidence only gets in 65% of the way the rest of it the 35% which I feel is the hardest, 35% of making any decision especially when it comes to changing direction is instinct.”

[04:24] “Perfection is the death of Industry.”

[07:14] “The amount of business owners that I have spoken to that have had all these great ideas and strategies and techniques and it never happens, is way more than hit the shipping date!”

[08:28] “the only commodity we have is time and if I don't try something because I'm afraid of what other people think, I have betrayed myself and taking a withdrawal out of my bank of days which is limited.

[08:56] “I would much rather run a thousand miles an hour into a brick wall then wonder “am I doing the right thing by not doing the right thing”?”

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