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No Sleep ‘til Brooklyn

The Next City We Shoot for the Show 


So, it’s time to jump to our second city on production of the new TV show, that has to remain incognito, Which is the wonderful borough of Brooklyn just across the water from Manhattan I and I’m excited yet a little embarrassed to say I have never set foot in Brooklyn before and as I sit here at Los Angeles airport I am full of all my own ideals of exactly what Brooklyn will be like but I’m sure they will be smashed the moment my feet hit the concrete  of the Big Apple adjacent neighborhood. 



Growing up in the United Kingdom, I experienced countless mob movies and the like and of course I am profoundly aware of Brooklyn royalty such as the beastie boys, Jay Z,  Notorious BIG just to mention a few. The image of the Brooklyn Bridge, I think, is in blazoned on every America obsessed youngster, as I was, and now in a few hours I will finally get to see An American castle and gaze up on its magnificence with my own two eyes. This is been a year full of epic moments for me and it seems that the last month of 2017 is no different. I will attempt to share the sights, smells and sounds of everything I experience in Brooklyn but please remember I am there to work so I will do my best to bring you along for the ride while they are not cracking the whip on me lol.