Music Producer to Real Estate Powerhouse-Peter Lorimer | Super Agents Live Podcast

This chat with Super Agents Live turned into one of my favorites.

I talk a lot about failing fast - giving it my all until I hit a brick wall. How long is long enough to try? Let's turn the tables on that question a bit. It's less about how long you try and much more about consistency. I see people try something for a bit, get discouraged when it doesn't work quickly, and move on. I wonder how many beautiful successes could have happened if we'd all just stick it out.

Everyone thought I was looney when I left the music industry. But for me, it was a lightbulb moment. Not only was the writing on the wall as far as the future of the music business, but the lifestyle was unhealthy. I got sober and left.

It was a moment of clarity for me. I needed to do things my way.

I did not leave empty-handed, though. I left with a practiced trend-spotting muscle, a clear vision for who my tribe was, and an even stronger desire to build something.

I jumped into the white space. I followed my gut, ran hard after my tribe, kept my head down, and worked.

Failure is a big part of my story - I always believe that it's imminent. I believe that what's supposed to happen, will. Including both failures and successes. I'm detached from the outcome. I do things because it's the right thing to do. That's it.

My biggest piece of advice: You are the product, not the brokerage.

Own who you are, put in the work, and quit obsessing over the outcome.

Thanks for being part of the rebellion and for being here ❤️ Pete

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