Pete Lorimer Podcast - The Mystery of Facebook Pixel, Revealed


Facebook Pixel is probably one of the most important evolutions of the ever-changing “Thousand Pound Gorilla” of a platform Facebook, and I decided to share my thoughts on it at the PLG Estates weekly staff meeting in Beverly Hills, including what exactly it is and how to use it.

The text below is from one of the private company meetings, recorded in Beverly Hills a few days ago from the time of this post, and hopefully, you will find some useful nuggets and strategies you can deploy in your business. Plus, I have included the audio post for you too. Many more podcasts to come to thanks for listening and...

...thanks for being part of the rebellion. 


Recorded Thursday February 16th 2018 - Conference Room - PLG Estates - Beverly Hills 

Today we are going to get down in the weeds with Facebook Pixel. If you don’t know Facebook Pixel is this, I'm going to do it as an anecdote rather than as what it really is.

For example let’s say you have a shoe store on the ground floor of a building. A car drives by and goes, "Oh, I like that shoe shop." You go out and you lob a tracking device and It sticks to their car. They drive home. You go, "Great, I know where you live now and I know what kind of shoes you like, so I'm going to send you marketing regarding my shoes. Thanks very much for looking at my store as you drove by."

This is exactly what Facebook Pixel is, Facebook Pixel is a line of code that you drop ion every page of your website. So that when people go on your website Facebook Pixel, which remember is embedded on every page of your site, sends a message back to your Facebook business account that they've been on your website. Then, when the person that went on your website goes back on Facebook, your Facebook account sees this and their code is dropped into a bucket in your business Facebook account so that you can begin to market to them. Essentially Facebook Pixel is a tracking device for all your potential customers that visit your website. So, When that person then next goes on Facebook, you capture them as someone to market to. GENIUS!

The Facebook Pixel engine engine is absolute gold and I highly recommend that everybody sets a Facebook Pixel up now; even if you don't market to it just yet. You want to be collecting people that have expressed an interest in you for future marketing campaigns.

For example - I'm going to use Carey. She has a special niche in real estate. As well as regular real estate, you also tend to many luxury short-term rentals, right?

Carey - Yeah, I do

Peter - Hidden chic villas is your website. Now, over the past year, how many hits do you think you've had on your website? Let's just say 1,000 a month, right?

Carrie - Yes.

Peter - That's 12,000 people that are hitting your website a month which is a healthy amount for your niche. Now, Let's trim the fat off of that. Lets say only 20% of them live in L.A.  Lets just call it 2,500 people for the example.  Out of the 2,500 people, the rough rule of thumb is 5% of people are likely to perform transactions. So, That's  100+ deals that you are, at the moment, unaware they're even interested in you.

Now you create a tailored Facebook marketing campaign that reflects similar content to your website, because remember that’s where they came from, such as , "L.A.s Top 3 Luxury short term rentals”. Carey already has a niche audience in her website AmFm now thanks to Facebook Pixel sending her information from her website back to Facebook she now has the ability to market to the same people that visit her website but now in Facebook. Then, once they do the magic click within Facebook, you see who they are and You got them!

The bottom line is, if you now consistently market to that 2500 people that were just randomly browsing your website, through Facebook thanks to collecting their data with Facebook Pixel,  it will turn into deals. Look at Facebook Pixel as a machine that spits into a bucket all of those people you didn't realize were interested in you. Then, you can begin to market to them over and over again through Facebook and Instagram of course.

Then, engage, engage, engage! Plus with Facebook and Instagram you can always choose to send them to a link of your choice, such as your website, so you would be sending them right back to where it all began by them anonymously browsing. But this time, you are the one sending them plus you are all over them on social media so the chances of them converting to a client are exponentially increased for just pennies in the dollar".

(End of Meeting)

Above you have had a peek into one of the private meetings at PLG but, as always I am happy to share it with you and I hope you find a way to put it to good use. Below you will find the audio podcast of the same session. 

I will have more blog posts coming soon so stay tuned and thanks for being part of the rebellion.