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#MondayMantra- Nothing To Lose

Today I want to cover a lot of ground, and so I've purposely given this mantra a broad title.  So what exactly does it mean?  

I’ve suffered over the years with underestimating my ability.  Perhaps it’s my British roots, as we tend to be a bit hard on ourselves, but I think a lot of people struggle with this.  If you have some entrepreneurial spirit at some point, you most likely have had the feelings of "I'm never going to succeed at that," or “everyone will think it’s stupid” or “I’ll never be as good as someone else."  I feel like 90% of entrepreneurial dreams we talk ourselves out of in the first 10 minutes of starting the line of thinking. 

The entrepreneurs that succeed have a relentlessness, they know it won't happen overnight, and they don’t listen to the inner voice that tells them they will fail.

So “nothing to lose” is this- We’ve already gained something huge simply by living in the U.S.  Think of the worst that can happen with following your dreams… and the worst isn’t that bad.  I welcome failing fast so I can start to concentrate on another route.  We forget we have nothing to lose and everything to gain and we “play in the middle."  But the funny thing about that is, I don’t really believe “the middle” exists. 

You are either moving towards your goal or away from it and the choice is ours.

So, I’m always moving in the direction towards the goal.  And here are a few nuggets of truth that I have found along the way- The educated risk for success in business- When I come to a decision of a goal I want to reach, I only get 65% of the way there, and the rest is based on faith.   AND every decision I make I still have those voices in the back of my head, and I battle through them. 

Here's a spot on quote from Martin Scorsese that I just love- "unless you have a white hot burning desire to become a director, it's not going to happen."  Make sure you have the passion for something and go full steam ahead at it.

With all of that said, the take away is this: The only commodity of value we have in life is time.  Why not take the risk then; because that is the only thing you really have to lose. 

Your life and your business are in your own hands and don't let anyone tell you anything different, especially not that nagging and negative inner voice.   

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion


#MondayMantra - Success – The Ability To Move From Failure to Failure With No Loss Of Enthusiasm

It’s a very big morning and important Monday.  This one is particularly special for me.  Firstly, I wanted to send my love to all of you for supporting my new show ‘Stay Here’ on Netflix.   It’s because of you that it’s getting such positive reviews.  So, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for the massive outpouring of support.

Also, I want to thank all of my loyal followers of the Monday Mantra who have been part of the rebellion for some time now.  I know who you are and so, I wanted to express my thanks to you today as well.  I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without all of your support.

Now onto the Mantra!

Failure is actually my friend.  That’s not a hashtag, I promise.  What it is though, is a way to reset the compass.  Success is not final, and failure is not fatal. 

Onto a few anecdotes to explain these profound Winston Churchill quotes that I have adopted as mantras

I auditioned to be in a band years back, and I didn't make it.  I found it so crushing I questioned doing something else.  After that, I got into the production side of things in music, thought I had a knack for it, and then I got fired from that job! I went home with my tail between my legs where I then sunk into a black hole of despair.  After a while, I dug myself out of it and then dug in.

I got to the point with myself where I knew if I was going to fail it was going to be on my terms.  So, I kept going and got into a B grade studio at the perfect time where my skills were needed, and it changed everything.   As most of you know, I went on to produce a bunch of hit records.   I did learn a lot from all my experiences that led me there.  Here are some key ones.

Bullet Points on how to handle Failure

1- Don’t make it personal even if it is. Just think of it as the universe gave it to someone else because they needed it more.

2- Learn and adapt.  If I fail at something I always ask the question “can you tell me why you chose someone else and you didn’t choose me.” This way I can grow from it.

3- Don’t obsess over the few people you can’t seem to get business from and focus on the people whose business you have.

4- Thoughts become things.  If you think you’re going to fail all the time, you will fail.

5- Don't look for approval.  The only opinion you should care about is your own.  When you play in the middle and safe, you are betraying the future you.   Instead, just go for it. 

6- When you think someone has made the wrong decision or has it out for you, look at the situation from their point of view.

7- If you have a bad experience with a client think of what your part in it all was. 

8- How can I better be of service?  Always ask yourself that.

Failure can come really quick, but success takes a long time.  And remember, fear and failure are bullies.  If we don’t listen to them and the debating society in our heads, they will never win!

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion


#MondayMantra – Controlling The Outcome – Do You Think You Can Design The Result?

This is a bit of an elusive title, so I’m going to jump right in and shed some light on what I’m referring to. 

Controlling the outcome of anything is something that is desirable to us all of course, but that way of thinking can be destructive…

It took me a long time, but I adopted a philosophy, with the help of lots of people, that has served me well.  And it goes all the way back to something my father said to me as a boy, “if you can find a job that you like, you are going to be happier than 98% of the population.”  LA specifically is a city that is made up of fake things and fakers, and I find all of that stuff really damaging.

People get into careers, and the pressure to succeed in those careers makes them miserable.  I see it all the time when selling houses that these pressures make them trapped to their lifestyle, and then they fall into the trap of expectations.

Don’t confuse goals with pressure though.  Goals are a great thing when they are realistic.  Expectations are toxic.  If we are rooted in the results, and we don't get what we expected it weighs us down and eats away at us.

So, the short of it is - none of us can control the outcome, so the trick is to “be happy with the outcome no matter what happens.”  We aren’t in control of what happens, we are only in control of our actions.  For instance, I try and treat everybody identically.  I’m not looking for what I can extract from a relationship, instead, I’m looking for what I can give.  Then, whatever the result is I can live with it… and that my friends is freedom. 

“We have knowns and unknowns.  And the only thing we can control are the knowns.”  Everyone I meet will get professional and personal service, no matter what.  That is a known because I can control it. 

I want to finish with this… The moment you feel you are working just for money is the moment it’s over.  I’m never going to be chained in expectations and results.  If those are fueling my decisions, those are not the right ones.  I can assure you that.

I have one daily commitment, and that is, I must work hard every day and give it everything I've got, and then I stay out of the results.

The way you take control is relinquishing control.  

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion!



#MondayMantra – Inman SF Round Up – Post Conference Debrief Of Best Of Best

#MondayMantra – Inman SF Round Up – Post Conference Debrief Of Best Of Best

I just returned from my 4th year at the Inman Conference in San Francisco and I have to say that this one had a very different feel from the others…  There used to be a vibe that tech is the enemy and an underlying fear that it is going to replaces us.  THIS TIME, it seemed like even those most resistant to change have come around and finally understand that tech has to be part of our industry AND that ultimately it can be a great thing. 

I’m going to give you a grand overview with listing and tech tips, as well as the pulse of where everyone is currently at, in the real estate industry.

The debate between tech-based and traditional real estate was a central focal point for many of the speakers.  For instance, there was a stark contrast in the very exclusionary speech Gary Keller (of Keller Williams) gave in comparison to the very inclusionary one the CEO of Redfin gave.    

It seems though, that most everyone who spoke and had a strong opinion said something along the lines of, “It’s all in the value ad.” 

It’s about the referral, and there is a movement to individualize.  There will still be an awful lot of vanilla out there, as it’s the nature of the business, but there was definitely the presence of a shift. 

“It’s all about attraction, not promotion.”  I think that is key.  It’s not about stats, it’s about you and who you are that will make people want to work with you.

Here are some killer Highlights and Tips that I took away from the conference:


- A big struggle we all face as realtors is to continually get our clients to keep the house clean for open houses… An absolutely brilliant way to avoid this problem? Provide a complimentary cleaning service the day before an open house!

- Young family, 3 kids, house needs a lot of work?  Provide complimentary childcare service for the day to get ready.  Also brilliant. 

- More standard tips - go out to dinner after an open house or provide a day at the spa, etc. 


- Captioned videos get opened 80% more than videos without them.  They are a pain to do (I know) unless you send your finished footage to REV.COM.  It’s a fantastic service that transcribes captions to your videos for you.

- BELIEVE.TV - $20.00 a month and you will have the ability to get much more produced and polished videos for Facebook. 

- BUZZSUMO.COM – Allows you to compare and contrast how your social media posts are doing against other peoples posts.

- PLAYBUZZ.COM – Allows you to create really interesting graphics, animations and informational videos that look really clean and professional.

- HOTJAR.COM – Allows you to have a heat map on your website.  Meaning, it shows you where people are clicking and hanging out on your website.  This is dynamite information.

- STOREO.COM - An app that allows you to film vertically and will automatically chop your video into 15-second videos for your stories on IG.

- FACEBOOK BOTS- CHATFUEL, MANYCHATS.  Look these up!  A lot of talk about these and the importance of bots in general. 

The Big Take Away:

Something I’ve been saying for a while now - What people want more than anything is what?  YOU.  So don't hide behind a bunch of tech, but rather use it to showcase YOU.

I think tech has reached a point where there is so much of it, it can almost make us invisible… and we must be held accountable to our clients at all times, so we have to fight against that risk of being invisible... 

People like to see your face and hear your voice, so do just that with your social media and the amazing tech available to us right now.  If you do that you will stand out of the sea of vanilla and increase your business.

Tech is here to stay in our industry, and the platforms are not going away, so embrace it!

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion


#MondayMantra - Pocket Listings – The Art of Finding Off Market Listings

I’m being very specific today by doing a real estate-centric mantra.  Figured I’d shake things up a bit since the second half of the year is coming out of the gate like gangbusters already.  AND the industry seems to be saying that things are going to continue in that good direction too.  There is a great article on Inman about that very sentiment.  Check it out.

So, let’s keep focusing on what can propel us forward in this second act of 2018 and jump into “Pocket Listings.”  When it’s a seller's market, these become even more desirable. 

Some basic techniques for finding these listings:

1-    MLS – The system already has a plethora of market listings for the taking.  What I suggest is to look for any listings that have expired, have been canceled or withdrawn.  After you get the information and check that the property hasn’t sold, then call the agent that had the listing and say you have a client that may be interested.  THEN, you show your client a house that is off market AND most importantly that you can provide them with listings they can’t find themselves.  That is key. 

2-    REMINE – A new company that shows you who has equity and the percentage, so, if you want to send out mailers or go door knocking this is very helpful.  Another app is called PROPERTY RADAR.  It’s magnificent.  You can go into an area and target people based on specific information… (Pre-foreclosures being one of them.  By tracking this data with these two apps, this is the most successful way to go about dealing with pre-foreclosures.  (For example- My friend went to the houses listed and tried to show them a way out with empathy and strategy and found that apparently, no one does this.  That’s another way to find off-market listings.  Be proactive!)

3-    Websites- That actually have some listings not on the MLS; and (TAN).  You have to dig through, but the deal is you will end up being able to show houses to your clients that again, they would never otherwise be able to find on their own! The search is worth it.

4-    Zillow- (Yes Zillow!) They have “potential listings” categories, which most clients will also NOT find on their own that you can go through.

5-    New Construction Buyers- you can literally drive around and look for construction sites and then go straight to the builder before it hits the MLS.

I hope that was helpful and thanks for watching!




#MondayMantra – 2018 Part II – The 6th Month Play By Play

#MondayMantra – 2018 Part II – The 6th Month Play By Play

Now that we have all had a break and hopefully recharged our engines it’s time to focus on the second half of the year.  This mantra will tell you how to tackle the rest of 2018.  If you follow this regime, you WILL be successful.  It's pretty intense, and I'm going to be asking a lot and for you to dig deep.  BUT, remember, “you get out what you put in."

Here is the 3 SECTION breakdown and play by play of the plan at hand:

I. GRUNT WORK: This is the heavy lifting part.  You need to prospect 6 days a week.  I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but it’s necessary.  I live and breathe by my “666 PROSPECTING TECHNIQUE”, which is:

-6 EMAILS - to people you have not recently spoken to.  

-6 TEXT MESSAGES- which includes Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. 

-6 DM’s- through whatever your platform of choice is.

II. SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS: Again, pick your poison, whichever you prefer.  I personally love Instagram.  I think it’s perfect for real estate because it’s a visual industry. Every single day you need to be posting at least one in your main feed.  Treat your IG main feed as the retail window into your business.  It can be personal or business, but make sure you curate it so that it represents who you are as a person, a professional OR both.

Also, Utilize IG STORIES!  I recommend doing 5 per day.  You have more creative license with these.  It’s a chance for people to get to know your personality. 

Lastly, do a LIVE STREAM.  Pick a topic, do it once a week at the same time and people will begin to tune in.

In my opinion, IG has become one of the most robust platforms.  These techniques work on Facebook as well, of course.

You’ve watched videos long enough, and it’s now time for you to bust out the camera.  I’d love to see just one Vlog a month on IGTV.  It could literally be a minute.  Those of us who push through the vanilla will come out on top.  I promise you.  

III. TECHNIQUES OUTSIDE THE GENERAL SPHERE OF REAL ESTATE: The catch-all! When I was a newbie, even the faintest whiff of anything real estate I was on it.  Every single week you should be sitting an open house.  Every person in an office has access to find an open house.  Coupled with that, attend parties and events.  Getting face time with people you know is massively important. 

When you take the time to create thoughtful social media posts, they can act as a tool for people to know who you are and keep relationships alive.  At the end of the day, when we do the 666 of prospecting, we are keeping relationships fresh and rekindling them.  And then by using social media to remind people we are there and who we are we solidify those relationships. 

People will trust you through your social media presence, and when people trust you, they want to do business with you.

I follow this regime, and it has allowed me to be a successful agent.   As we jump into this second half of the year it’s the perfect time for you to start as well!

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion


#MondayMantra - 2018 Part II – Reset, Adjust, Attack

This is a big one folks because we are finally at the halfway mark of 2018!  With that said, I have a whole roadmap planned out for the second half of the year that I am going to share a bit of with you today. 

Hang on, because I’m going to go through a gang load of steps to reset, adjust and attack for the rest of the year, especially since this is such a shifting year for real estate.  Those who prepare prevail!

This mantra also comes right before the holiday break, which I think is super important.  Everyone needs a break, and this is the perfect time to give ourselves one.  Take this time off to regroup, reset, clear your mind and unplug. 

Here are 5 steps I truly believe are worth doing before you set off for the holiday, so that you can come back refreshed and ready to attack.

1-    Toxic clients – Get rid of them this week! They will take you down mentally and physically.

2-    Accept failure – There are certain things, situations and relationships we aren’t going to win.  Know that and let them go. 

3-    Declutter your desktops/ phones – This will help tidy your mind so you can jump back in after the break.

4-    Zero inbox – Return all of those emails and organize them, so when you come back, you have a nice clean slate. 

5-    An issue that blocks you – Learn that thing you’ve been meaning to forever! Master that skill.  It will make you feel like you can conquer anything.

Next, we need to adjust.  I happened to have lunch with a friend who analyzes data for big companies this weekend.  He said, "presume you know nothing about your data and let the numbers guide you."  That really resonated with me.  He went onto explain that a lot of the time when companies fail it's because they go into markets with expectations and think that they know the game and don't trust the data. 

So, make sure to look at your goals and see what is working and see what isn’t.  Trust the data, then move towards that light.  Set monthly, quarterly and yearly goals.  It works! 

And lastly, work on your self-esteem.  Try and do some anonymous acts of kindness without any expectations.  This will significantly increase your self-worth and in turn how well you do in life.

I’ve talked about this a heck of a lot, but that is because it is so essential.  I will leave you with the reminder that having gratitude puts everything in perspective and helps us achieve our goals.  Start your day by making a list and see that you’ve already won.

Remember, take this time off to reset, adjust and then be ready to attack the second half of the year when you get back from holiday. 

Thanks for watching!


#MondayMantra - Mantra Special - Special Sauce

I’m excited about this one because it's quite different from my typical mantras.  Today isn’t about tips and tricks of the trade like I usually talk about.  Instead, today is all about "the secret sauce."

Those of us who work in business, at a company or even for ourselves, every day can be a bit brain crushing.  Sometimes we wake up and think, “what is the point”?  It’s very easy for us to play the victim and focus on the negative; that bad deal, bad relationship, that mistake I made. 

So, I’m here to tell you how you can reset your mind daily.  For those of you that know me, you know that I’m a chronic optimist, but of course, there are moments of darkness.  There is, however, ways to break through it.

I actually learned this skill from sobriety many years ago, and it has never failed me.  The skill is – BEING GRATEFUL.  Above things and all else, I always value relationships.  A way to do this, and be aware of all the positives you have in your life, is to make a list.

If you start your day with gratitude by writing 10 THINGS YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR it acts as a bit of a brain reset.  This sounds sappy and ethereal, but I guarantee you it helps clear the voices. 

I work as hard as I possibly can, but also realize that the results aren't entirely up to me, so I do my best to stay away from expectations.  I always look at the glass more than half full.

Life will still be dark at times, and you will want to run, and we will be faced with adversity.  But know that adversity is the cornerstone of success.  

The reason I wanted to do this mantra was because it was Fathers Day yesterday and it made it so clear what’s most important to me and what I feel most gratitude for... and that is being a father and a son, which is worth more than boatloads of gold or anything else really. 

I know that it’s hard to stay in gratitude every second of the day, but try at least starting each day with a list of what you are grateful for. 

And when you feel a negative thought in your mind push it out.  They are kind of like bullies, so don’t give them the upper hand.

Stay in gratitude, stay away from expectations and push out the negative thoughts!

Thanks for listening



#MondayMantra - The 4 Cornerstones Of Running Your Business

I’m feeling ridiculously optimistic today.  We’re in the middle of the year, and everyone is wondering where this crazy real estate market is taking us.  There are so many portals right now and the traditional way of doing real estate seems to be under siege.   

With that said, I believe the fundamental structure of building a successful business never wavers.  Whether it’s in the middle of chaos that may be coming with all of these changes or not, it remains the same.  In this mantra, I'm here to tell you how you can add value to your business as a business owner.

Let’s get into the framework of the ‘4 Cornerstones’.  "If there is too much sand in the cement ultimately the house will crumble."  Here's how to build and maintain a sturdy house.  

1-    Confidence - Self-belief, your story, authenticity.  If you're trying to sell something that you’re not, it won’t work.  You need to be the REAL you. 

2-    Execution - This is everything.  Once you have a plan and you act the results are exponentially better.  Look at what systems you are using and perfect your skills, by tracking your data.  See what’s working and what’s not and adjust your navigation by your results. 

3-    Longevity - Have patience and stay the course.  You will go through a dip, but keep going when you believe in a strategy.  Don’t fear failure.

4-    Gratitude – Be grateful when things go wrong.  Expectations are toxic.  Know you are exactly where you are meant to be.

I’ll finish with this lovely sentiment from my wife Cindy, which is, ‘I remain in gratitude and wherever I am in my day or my life, I'm grateful.  I wake up with my eyes open and see my beautiful children and know I am exactly where I’m supposed to be at this moment'. 

If you noticed I never mentioned money today, not once.   This is because I'm driven by ambition and risk, and I’m grateful for where those choices take me.

Thanks for watching and for being part of the rebellion


#MondayMantra - The Future Belongs To The Brave

The bravery I’m talking about today is bravery in business. 

The real estate market is going through a shift.  Interest rates are going back up.  Things are changing.  As humans, I know most of us are adverse to change… so when that happens sometimes, discomfort or fear can set in, and it begins to penetrate our belief structures.  When fear takes the wheel, we always crash!

Richard Branson is one of my heroes.  He was the master of having outrageous ideas that were an amazing combination of fun, risk and publicity stunts.

An example of his balls to the wall ways…  One Friday night after the banks close and he thinks one of the biggest deals of his life is all set to go for Monday… He gets home to find the bank manager.  Essentially, he says they will not back Virgin with the new endeavor AND that he has to pay back all the money he already borrowed so far.  Instead of letting his world shatter while facing utter annihilation of his company by Monday (like most of us would do) he started working.   He made calls to everyone he knew and scrambled to find the money.  When retelling this story, he said, "If I found the money, great and if I didn’t, I thought… What’s next?”  He obviously did find the money, and the rest is history, but that always resonated with me.

A couple other (paraphrased) quotes of note from true and fearless pioneers 

- Your success represents 1% of your work.  99% represents your failures. 

- Learn from your failures as no one can learn from success.

So what does all of this mean for us in Real Estate?  There is change happening and that usually breeds conservative behavior, which is the wrong move to make here!  This is a time for being brave and making moves. 

This leads to the connection economy and essential skills needed to succeed in it.  Remember, it’s you that matters.  When you meet someone be engaging.  Listen intently and really hear them as a story.  This leads to perception and empathy and loyalty.  This can never be replaced by finding people through portals.

We can use technology to augment what we do, but placing our business into the hands of others is not the way.  So, the future belongs to the brave.  When you are on the brink of panic just utilize the connection economy.

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion


#MondayMantra - Techniques In Efficiency

How To Squeeze Every Drop Out Of The Day

It’s all about Action & Reaction.  So much time is wasted during the day with too much reaction and not enough action.  For example, a tailor loses 15% of his fabric even though he pays for all of it.

15% translates to 6 weeks of your year as a realtor!

Here is how to make 8 hours seem like 16. 

One of the most significant problems with wastage is the “what's next."  After you finish those emails or that call, then what?  That is where the demons lie.  That means you are reacting to your day and not acting to your day.  This is where the 15% of waste comes in.

So, how do you attack your day and evaluate what to do and not lose that 15%?

The secret is that you don’t do in on the same day.  It’s called calendaring and time blocking.  Here is an example that you need to do day after day after day to be successful.

- 9AM – 10AM - Assembly your social media for the NEXT day

- 10AM – 11AM – Look at new inventory

- 11AM – 12PM – Prospecting: do personal outreach IG DM, Twitter message,  Facebook message, email, etc. 

- 12PM – 1PM – Lunch with advocates, clients, past clients or leads

- 1PM – 2PM – Prospecting: do personal outreach IG DM, Twitter message, Facebook message,  email, etc.

- 2PM – 4PM – Real Estate duties

- 4PM -5PM- Emergencies, return phone calls, plan meetings, calls, everything else.

This is an airtight succinct active way to go about your day. 

Another tip that I use is that I take UBER everywhere!  I just put back in 15% time use back into my day with not driving to my meetings and appointments.   I make calls, do prep, prospecting, etc., when I would otherwise be wasting time behind the wheel unable to work.  

Doing transaction coordinating adds 15% as well. 

If you use these guidelines, I promise you that you will up your sales and become more successful.  Now is the time!  

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion


#MondayMantra - Your Personal Brand Mission Control

Why You Need Your Own Website?

This rant is about how you can put ALL the power back in your hands.  With all the data out there, you need to do some steps to achieve this and to stand out.  This is for the agent who wants to have their own identity and brand, which should be all of you!  The more you can say about yourself they more you stand out.

When the internet really began to take hold about 8 yrs ago there was a just a tsunami of digital information.  That information isn’t slowing down anytime soon, so the question is, “How to make your brand sticky”?

The answer: Own your Personal Brand Mission Control (aka a modern website), something aside from the one your company offers.  Everyone looks the same on those. 

Take a look at mine which I did on Squarespace ( as a template and then see what else is out there.  When you find what you like, then make your own and stand out.  This is how you get in control and take ownership of your destiny.

After you put out good content with good stories, then create a media letter for those of your contacts who missed some of your posts along the way… THEN, make sure you have Facebook pixel on every page so that Facebook can collect the data so you can Re-market to people that already like what you are saying.  Ultimately, this will improve your sustainability and business. 

It’s all about having your own brand that you design, create and control.  Make your brand stick!

Thanks for Watching


#MondayMantra - Better To Be Loved Than Liked

I know the title may sound a bit syrupy but hear me out… The idea is that I’d much rather have 100 followers that love me, that 1 million that kind of like me.

Let’s get to the essence of this.  In real estate we are always looking to try and find anyone and everyone to convert into relationships and then of course business.

The problem is when we are so focusing on charging and looking, we tend to disregard people who are already there and already have our confidence and want to work with us. 

We spend so much bloody time looking for the ‘maybes’.   

In other words those 100 people that are already in your social media are your advocates.  They are believers.  You have to reach out to and nurture them.  Forget about the ‘maybes’ and chasing strangers, because they are just that, people who don’t care about you.

A couple of other thoughts to go by based on theories I heard and love -

If you have an idea and only a few people love that idea, in industry, you are probably onto something (think Steve Jobs)…  Follow that idea and build a strategy.

Building on that, Seth Godin and “The Dip” come to mind.  When you are in the middle of a strategy there is always a moment (could be a long one) where you think this is never going to work and you think about bailing.  When you get there and second-guess yourself with a strategy you believe in (that a lot of other people don’t)… Stick it out! Trust me. 

Listen to your gut and initial instincts.  When you listen just to the old noggin that is where you get into trouble.

Last phrase I heard recently that ties it all together - If you don’t cultivate instinct and listen to it, you’re doomed to living a mediocre life in the middle! 

Focus on the 100 that love you, follow and strategize on your unique idea and listen to your gut!

#MondayMantra - Best Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Today’s mantra will be focusing on the elephant in the room, which is the sector of promotion that is being so incredibly underutilized.

Huge changes in the business occurred this last week with Zillow.  This is an entity that has the most power over us, and it’s something that we welcomed in.  The door is open and we can’t close it now, so what do we do?  How do we take advantage of 2018 to prep for years to come?

In short - We pay Zillow for them to give us leads.  As tech gets more powerful we are looking to these sites for the bulk of our business.  Digital portals can up their prices if they want and then what?  Prices will only continue to rise.  You don’t want to be solely at the mercy of a Zillow type company in a few years. 

So, what do we do?  The whole game is to get in front of your potential clients.  In person, digital, etc.  Find strangers and conjure up business.  This is the most underused marketing technique… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now because it’s so important... We are selling "US, not just houses.  It all happens through trust and empathy. 

Facebook and Instagram are painfully underused!  They cost a fraction of what traditional marketing costs.  Use them!

The key is - the importance of the hook of the marketing.   Create interesting content for the specific area you want and for custom audiences.  Get information off Zillow.

Then, Go and door knock.  Make yourself present and known.  Watch your numbers and move towards the light!

And don’t look at social media as something you ‘get to’ during your day.  Double what you are doing now and do it everyday.  Make it a priority.  It will have an incredible impact on your business.  I promise you. 

I’ll leave you with this- The prices of tech and info will continue to go up.  These places that provide information can charge whatever they want.  That’s just a fact.   This is the time to get into it and take advantage of this severely underused way to promote! 


How to be a Real Estate Ninja - Mastering Your Craft - Discovery Effort Ability - Monday Mantra

MONDAY MANTRA (Originally Livestreamed) -

Become a Real Estate Ninja. Discovery, Effort, Ability

Today’s Mantra is all about becoming master of your craft. I will go over a road map of how I stay relevant in the blazing white heat of American commerce. Today, I will give you a play by play of how I discover information, study it and then apply it. Plus I will give you examples along the way.

So many times I see that my colleagues in my and other industries only play in the middle by NOT digging into the research required that's available through platforms just like this one, and so many others, to keep us all on top of our game. Knowledge is power and to galvanize that knowledge effort is required. Kobe was not born a star player, he shot 10's of thousands of hoops a month to make him the best. Practice in business is just as important as any other strategy. To fall and fail leads eventually to triumph and win.

Lastly, once we have practiced and implemented we test our plan out in the world and its only then we see what works and what does not, then the magic happens as our acumen improves and all of us who started with only an idea have the chance to hit our own hoops with no net.

To become a business ninja takes discovery, effort and ability. It NEVER happens overnight it takes a lifetime of proactivity but if we can make discovery, effort and ability three of the cornerstones of our career we exponentially increase our odds of a win.

Thanks for watching and being part of the rebellion.


Man vs Machine - Big Data & Where It's Going in Real Estate - Monday Mantra Motivational

Man vs Machine - Big Data & Where It's Going in Real Estate - Monday Mantra Motivational

Big Data is pervasive in all industries, I have always been someone who embraces change, so I’m a fan of the recent surge of data driven applications, but there is a dark side and it’s important to not get lost in it… 

So, let’s get to it.  Information about real estate is now available to ALL people.  There is a tidal wave of it (Remine, Property Radar, Inman, etc).  People can find it ALL on their own.  So, where does that leave us?  Will we (Man) be obsolete in real estate?  The answer is, YES, BUT it will ONLY replace us if we sit back and let it.  If we look at Big Data as a tool that can help us provide extra service to our clients, it will only help us.

When everyone runs in one direction, I tend to run in the other.  You need to embrace the change with the machine that is Big Data and spin it to your advantage.  Old school is the New School.  The most important thing you can do is form genuine relationships and keep them.  What it comes down to is, PEOPLE CARE ABOUT PEOPLE and will always choose them over a machine.  Be that person your client wants.

Move Fast and Break Things - Being Decisive in Business - Monday Mantra

Move Fast and Break Things - Being Decisive in Business - Monday Mantra

In this weeks Mantra its all about speed. Although we live in the fastest pace environment of all time, still, I see that business owners are paralyzed by indecision which ultimately means the demise of many of their business'.

For me, gut instinct has played an unfathomably important role for me as a business owner. The ability to make swift decisions I feel has contributed to my agility to trend spot and not get bogged down in the weeds with the smallest of details. So moving fast ultimately means that things will get broken along the way, but that's par for the course.

And remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Thanks very much for watching and for being part of the rebellion....

Courage is a Love Affair with the Unknown - Monday Mantra

I was in a meeting over the weekend and I heard this phrase "Courage is a love affair with the unknown" and it really, really resonated with me. If everything in life was a dead cert what a boring life this would be. I have always bought massively into the theory that life is all about the journey and not the destination and this phrase perfectly galvanizes the ethos.

In the mantra I cover a great deal of ground talking about strategies, theories and a whole host of other information. Mantra, for me, has become a great way to klick off the week and make sure I slam into it head on with all the gusto I can muster. So strap in, thanks for joining me, you coming along for the ride just means the world an so I thank you for your eyes, your ears and for being part of the rebellion.



2018 Goals and How to Hit Them, Plus A Very Big Announcement - Monday Mantra Livestream

MONDAY MANTRA LIVESTREAM - 2018 Goals and How to Hit Them - A Very Big Announcement 

In this Mantra I talk about goals and the techniques I have used over the years. Goal setting can be just a destructive as constructive, so, I go over some of the pitfalls that can shatter goal setting along with some belief structures that have helped me to no end over the years.

It is all about putting what we want dead last and putting what our clients want dead first and as long as we do that, the business will continue to find us.

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The Power of the Digital Village & Big Finish to '17 - Monday Mantra Livestream

TODAYS MANTRA - is all about how to nurture your digital village. Now more than ever “service” which is a word that’s over used and often insincere is the most powerful weapon we have. Giving knowledge away is something that’s at my very core and that coupled with “service” is the most powerful business elixir I know.

Plus it’s the end of the year people. Lots of folks are asleep at the wheel so this is the time to pounce!! So many folks feel like they deserve to take it a little easy as it’s the end of the year. Hell, some even take their eye off the Ball completely, I have always used that to my advantage and so should you.

Let’s talk and thanks for watching......