Netflix Real Estate Star and Super Agent is Changing the Game. An Interview with Peter Lorimer | Top Agents Playbook Podcast with Ray Wood

Fewer agents, more marketers. That's what Ray Wood and I chatted about. (Among many other things.)

How did it all begin? I knew it was time. I knew I needed to jump all in. And, soon, I knew I had to do it my way. By that, I mean creativity over corporate. I'm not driven by money, I'm driven by goals.

My formula for success: never sit still. Always strive to evolve--however incrementally.

I grew my trend-spotting muscle (and you can grow yours, too). It started in music as I obsessed over the nuances of EM. And now today, I watch endless videos and follow all the big names in real estate and marketing. I drink from the firehouse of knowledge every day.

My big prediction for the real estate industry: It's either corporate, traditional, or boutique brands. In the next 5 years, it will be the day of the boutique and the super-corporate.

You are the brand. Marketing, branding, and prospecting. It all comes back to trust. And that happens in person.

This was a good one y'all. Listen in for more.

Thanks for being part of the rebellion and for being here ❤️ Pete

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