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How to Market Your Real Estate Business | MailBag | Q&A

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You ask questions, and I answer them.

This week, the question is, "As a new agent, how much marketing and promotion should I do to grow my business?" - Larry B.

When I was a new agent, I went all in with social media. I spent every last dime I had on social media marketing. Creating original content that shows who you are as a human being and a real estate agent. People run towards similar people (their tribe). People can't run towards you if they can't SEE you or know you. How much? When you're first starting out, everything but food and gas should be spent on your career.

50/50 rule: 50% of your time learning about your craft and 50% actually doing it.

Immerse yourself.


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Using Content to Leverage Community | Pete Lorimer Mantra

The worst thing that can happen for your digital narrative--your brand--is this: waking up Monday morning and winging it. Your brand will suffer, and it will feel diluted and inauthentic. And worse, your audience will figure out that you're scrambling. You have to have a plan--or, specifically, a content calendar.

There's a lot of consolidation in the real estate world. And then, there's the rebellion--boutique real estate companies doing their own thing. Letting your company dictate your branding is the kiss of death. You have to take control of your own digital identity.

Here's how you can plan and leverage content for your community:

👉 There are certain influencers in your neighborhood. The new coffee shop, restaurant, boutique, etc. Find the most influential and newest establishments in your neighborhood.

👉 Go in and ask to do an interview with them. Most likely, they're going to jump at the chance for this free coverage/marketing. Follow-up with details (duration, process, etc).

👉 Make sure it's both informative and entertaining

👉 Here's what you're going to do with your interview:

You'll shoot it as a 16x9 piece, 👋 YouTube

Then, alter that piece for IGTV

Next, chop your YouTube piece into 1-minute videos for your IG feed

Take just the audio, turn it into a podcast

Take the podcast, turn into a written word article

You can easily create 5 more pieces from either the article, the audio, or the video.

👉 Now what? You've got 10 pieces of content. You're going to spread out those 10 pieces, and then hyper-locally target these pieces in your preferred zip code.

👉 You're going to have to stay consistent with this. Once a month, week, etc. It doesn't matter how often you just have to keep it up.

👉 When you create this content, you tag the establishment. Then, strike a deal with the business owner, "if you like the content, I'll give you original copies-- can you please push it out on your pages?"

Now, you've created content, added value to your audience and the establishment in the interview, and set yourself up as an authority on the area. 💥