Tips on How to Handle Indecisive Buyers in Real Estate | MailBag | Q&A

Tips on how to handle indecisive buyers may just be the nugget of info you need today to help your real estate career.

Welcome to another episode of ✉️ MailBag ✉️

This weeks question comes from Mary O from Richmond Virginia "How do you deal with indecisive buyers?"

All buyers are indecisive.

It's our job to be patient, to be a therapist. It's not about our job to get the deal to close as fast as possible. Sure, we'll have to work harder with one client at times than we do with others.

My lovely wife Cindy gave me this advice: Never look at each client as a commission check. Look at what you make over a year as your salary.

Don't worry about the results. Focus on serving your clients and treating them like family. Trust me, the rest will follow.

Keep the questions comin'.

Thanks ❤️ Pete