How To Improve Your Negotiation Skills - MailBag

✉️ MailBag ✉️

My weekly Magic Minute is taking a bit of a hiatus, and in its place, I'm doing MailBag: You ask questions, and I answer them.

For our first MailBag, the question is "What are your top tips to improve negotiations?" I freakin' love this question!

Here are my top 3:

👉 Always keep a cool head. When deals become adversarial, they fail.

👉 Always be transparent with your client. Even (especially) when it comes to bad news.

👉 Always make your clients interest the North Star of every deal. Do not worry about the commission or anything other than what's best for the client.

Ping me on IG or Twitter with your questions and I'll start chipping away at them here!

Thanks ❤️ PL

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