#MCCLive with Alyssa Hellman & Peter Lorimer

I recently spoke with Alyssa Hellman on #MCCLive about my Stay Here experience.

The first day of shooting, we were on the set in Washington D.C. I was pretty nervous. I expected maybe a little coaching... NOPE. And here's what I learned from that: trust your gut and what you know. Put differently: You're a professional, PROFESS! This goes back to confidence and not listening to the voice of fear. Let your actions speak for you. Sometimes, when you're thrown into the fire, you have no choice. Sink or swim.

Television is really hard and there are really long hours. It's complex, I love it, and there's definitely more coming in television for me-- but real estate is a tough industry to leave and I'm happy to be here.

Thanks for being part of the rebellion and for being here ❤️ Pete