#VLOG - Ultimate Movie Camera Under $50 - Cinematic iPhone

Backstage Pass

Here’s a look into my first time speaking at Skirball Center in a while.  It was so great to be back at this fab gathering of real estate folks and seeing my bud Steve Shull.  

I really get into the thick of it with this one, so let’s get to it.  

80% of my business is pulled from social media and the way I grab people is by having original content to do with work...  And the way I do that is by creating video!

Filmic Pro is software for $15.00 that you can use on your iPhone.  Now there are no excuses to not be able to shoot content.  You don’t need a ton of expensive gear or to be an equipment expert anymore.  Even Stephen Soderbergh used his phone to shoot his last movie and says he will continue to use it! 

To up your business here are some tips:

- Get Filmic Pro on your phone and shoot videos

- Track the social data

- Step up your production technique

Put out polished, interesting short videos.  Get more clicks and more likes and more business.

Thanks for watching